Saturday , May 8 2021

Turkey's largest car rental company went bankrupt

Fleetcorp A.Ş., one of the leading companies in the fleet leasing industry, filed for bankruptcy.

ISTANBUL-Fleetcorp A.Ş., one of the leading companies in the fleet leasing sector, has been declared bankrupt. The court ruled that Fleetcorp Inc. was in debt and found that the defendant could not succeed.
-fleetcorp-asjpg "FleetCorp Inc.'s largest occupancy list listing In September last September, court has appealed to the Istanbul Commercial Court, where Fleetcorp was taken to court and appointed a 3-person commissioner, and issued a provisional deadline, and decided not to sell the company's assets in the conciliation procedure, which sold some 500,000 of its dealers to the dealers before requesting the contract.</p>
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The Commissioner noted in a recent court report that the conciliation decision was made too late and that the company was unlikely to achieve success and the black cross. The Commission delegation sent an additional report to the Court and expressed a negative opinion in this report. Fleetcorp 's experts appointed the Commissioner to record various brands, models and miles of 12 thousand 455 cars, a thousand 836 vehicles, the company said the use. 10 thousand 619 cars that are not in use, the expert is not aware of the situation recorded, the company registered in the market 12 thousand 455 car market value of one billion 361 million TL reported.


The third hearing of Konkordato was held at the Court of First Instance of Istanbul's first commercial policy. Fifteen people participated in the hearing, representing 170 bankers from the bank, involved in creditors, finance, auto insurance, insurance companies, auto lawyers. At the hearing, a lawyer drawn up by Fleetcorp Inc.'s lawyer's supplementary report is completely wrong, arguing, "Currently, the number of vehicles has not been learned.

It is stated that the company has been in the market since 2001, the lawyer said: "The company has a monthly income of EUR 10 million, indicating that the company has 2 million turnover.


The court dismissed Fleetcorp Inc's preliminary statement, dismissed the Commissioner's reward and annulled all injunctions. The court found that Fleetcorp Inc. had been declared bankrupt on 16 January 14, and that the decision had to be notified to the bankruptcy estate. The court considered that Fleetcorp Inc. was heavily charged and that the defendant could not succeed.


First, the bankruptcy file is opened. Creditors are starting to sell mortgages. Mortgages are sold by mortgaged 12,000 vehicle debts. The company's tools start paying to creditors by selling a bankruptcy table. The creditors at the beginning of the company's employees. Then the money to creditors will be allocated accordingly. Creditors, respectively banks, leasing companies and automotive companies. The biggest lender is Mercedes.

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