Sunday , November 29 2020

Wash in Fenerbahce derby from Marcao

Galatasaray defenders Marcao, BtcTurk New Malatyaspor found money laundering after the snow.

BtcTurk New Malatyaspor talked about goal Marcao, "arrow is not a creative target. Standing ball and botaki mann nt dt. . " he said.

Marcao, who wanted to see performance on the line of defense with Christian Luyindama, said: "Me and Luyindama play 100%. We improve every time. Better get better every time. I have to win again. Grp, we should look."

Marcao talks about the Fenerbahce Derby "A different team with the support of our supporters, everyone knows it. We have to play in the derby with our minds. We should not be ominous.We must use our minds. We thought we made a good trading card. "

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