Saturday , March 6 2021

Wifi claiming to be able to see the back of the wall

Developments raise doubts about the Wifi system, which distributes the Internet for multiple devices at the same time. Presumably the wifi house can be far away or behind the wall. Applicants' names can not provide information that clarifies their thesis, but there may be developments in the near future that can cause wifin failure to be completely reliable.

Creating a Wireless Internet Network WiFireliability is endangered. Because using wifi technology, it is possible to saturate the inside of the walls behind the walls or behind the door. Wallet, doors and other items can be accessed via Wi-Fi. According to Webtekno Emre Zehir's news, it is possible to see the walls behind, even though it is a little blurry. You need this smartphone and Wi-Fi network.

Wi-Fi is a computer network that works technically on waves. These waves, just like water waves or sound waves, decompose when they hit the target, their frequencies and pulse change, their direction changes. A Wi-Fi modem, even up to 100 meters from the scratch terrain, does not pull out of the kitchen's balcony, which is ten feet away, as appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines, as well as connecting Wi-Fi connectivity. When Wi-Fi's waves hit people, they react and break it. Changes in the electromagnetic field make it possible to see whether people are in the environment and whether people or people's movements and positions, if any. There are even a few entrepreneurs who do so.


Yanzi Zhu and her team at the University of California have made a breakthrough, which makes the situation a bit more terrible. Now, it is possible to look at a place with the most Wi-Fi network. It is possible to use all wireless networks controlled by smartphones. Zhu and his team-developed system provide the ability to make observations. This technology, which can determine the number of people and movements in general, is open to further development, and it is thought that as soon as new Wi-Fi technologies come in, the signals reinforce and ease things. The team reached about 93 percent of the price level and watched the effects of the various Wi-Fi effects. If you're not going to isolate Wi-Fi signals outside the building, adding Wi-Fi signals would be the most impressive defense now.

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