A Religious Values ​​Conference on pluralism in the world in Singapore. The day after tomorrow

The Forum for the Promotion of Peace in Muslimi Isles organizes 7-8. On November, in co-operation with the Islamic Council of Singapore, represented by the official presence of the conference, entitled "Religious Values ​​in a plurality of the World", represented by Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Hsien Loong, in Singapore, Shaikh Abdullah bin Bayah, Chairman of the UAE Council of Islaam Fatwa and Chairman of the Forum.

The conference is inspired by the "Marrakesh Historical Declaration" on the Rights of Minorities in the Islamic Countries and the Washington Declaration, which launched the Forum of Peace Promotion through the Global Alliance of World discipline.

The conference is part of an ongoing endeavor to discuss the future of religions and the role of religions in the increasingly diverse building society, east and west of human communities spreading in the shadow of globalization. The conference also seeks to confirm that religion is not merely a unified force. It requires people from a positive collective behavior that promotes tolerance, preserves human dignity, promotes social development and helps create safe societies that are parallel in harmony and peace.

In addition, the Singapore International Congress aims to present a forward-looking vision of best approaches and experiences to meet today's challenges and strengthen the positive role of religious communities in the future industry.

The conference focuses on a number of goals, the most important of which is to strengthen the efforts of different religious groups and institutions to inspire others and to spread peace among all, and to discuss the possibilities of religious communities to move forward by applying religious traditions and traditions to contemporary approaches that promote the values ​​of partnership in the challenges. Both conceptualization and the development of an innovative framework for religious values ​​in pluralist societies.

It is noteworthy that the conference's activities on three axes: religious traditions, religious values ​​and religious institutions .. "Strong future religious institutions building"

A forum for promoting peace in Muslim societies

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