Dubai Police reaffirms its commitment to take active measures to combat trafficking in human beings


Abdul Qadoos, Abdul Razzaq Al Obaidli, Deputy Chief of the Dubai Police Excellency and Leadership, stressed the cheerfulness of the police in Dubai to combat trafficking in human beings, women's rights and child abuse, and take all proactive steps to curb practices that have nothing to do with our society.

This came to talk at the Dubai Police Prize in an interview with Al Habtoor Polo Resort and the club to discuss trafficking in human beings and abuse of women's and children's rights.

Al Obaidli stated that the meeting aims at achieving a set of goals focusing on co-ordination and constructive co-operation, defining tasks and responsibilities, improving and developing joint operations, addressing duplication in joint operations and exchanging new ideas and ideas that promote co-operation in the United Arab Emirates. Combat these crimes and practices and provide sufficient support to those who are exposed to them.

"Trafficking in human beings and violations of the rights of women and children are considered to be special international crimes because they belong to vulnerable groups in need of care, care and reassurance," said Abdul Qudous Abdul Razzaq al-Obaidli, Director-General and added that it is considered one of the most serious crimes affect the security of communities and nations. And humanitarian principles in the heart.

According to the ILO, approximately 40 million and 300 thousand people are engaged in modern slavery, 24 million nine thousand forced labor and 15 million fourteen thousand forced marriages, which means 4 and 5 victims of modern slavery for every 100 people.

He pointed out that trafficking in human beings related to women and children is at the forefront of victims of human dignity. According to the UN report, 51 per cent of the victims are women and 71 per cent are children.

He pointed out that forced labor is third in illegal international trade after the arms trade and generates $ 150 billion in illegal profits annually, of which $ 99 billion comes from commercial sexual exploitation and another $ 51 billion is due to the economic benefit of people in the household, agriculture and other economic activities.

According to him, Alex. Saleh Al-Hamrani presented the themes and topics of the meeting, which included four main tools: "Center for the Rights of the Child, Center for Women's Rights and the fight against trafficking in human beings and a sense of security". He pointed out that the Dialogue Meetings sought to combine efforts and prevent duplication between the relevant bodies and committees. The aim was to create a channel for communicating with people with related trafficking in human beings, related parties and the various sectors and parts of society as well as with their institutions so that they could work together with the United Arab Emirates to achieve the goals of the national vision 2021, which is to be the safest place in the world.

In addition, the Center for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings has discussed ways of intensifying cooperation and constructive cooperation with the Dubai Police College in operations highlighting trafficking in human beings, victims of human trafficking, economic crime analysis, money laundering and international cooperation to support the monitoring of trafficking in human beings;

The focus of women's and children's rights was to define the roles and responsibilities of the parties concerned and ways to support victims of women and children to raise awareness and training programs on children's and women's rights in cooperation with all parties. At the same time, we discussed the feeling of security when roaming alone at night outside the home mechanism to improve and develop activities that give added value to all partners.

The meeting was held by Prime Minister Abdullah Khalifah Al Marrin, Chief of Police in Dubai, Head of Human Rights Director Mohammed Abdullah Al Murr and Chief of Sheikh Abdullah Al Mualla, Head of the Chief of Staff Ahmed Thani Bin Ghalaita Al Muhairi, Chairman of the Police Station, Al-Muraqqabat Police Officer Ali -Ghanem Director, Dr. Saleh Al-Hamrani, Deputy Chief of Department for High Level and Entrepreneurship, Head of the Security Department, Colonel Faisal Al Qasim and several Heads of Government Departments and Institutions, Dubai Finance Department, Dubai Water and Wastewater Authority , the Ministry of Human Resources and Human Trafficking, the National Committee for the Prevention of Trafficking in Human Beings, the Directorate General for Natural Sciences and Residence Permits,.


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