Wednesday , April 14 2021

Experts present the challenges of global trade in future councils

Experts point to the challenges of global trade

Experts point to the challenges of global trade

The special session on the future challenges of the global trade sector as part of the second day of the Dubai World Warship Code introduced significant changes in these vital areas and which have direct and indirect impacts on the world economy.

Professor Mark Wu, Harvard Law Professor, Amitendo Pallet, Research Department at Singapore University, and Aransha Gonzalez Lea, CEO of ITC, participated.

Speakers today are discussing global trade disputes and are afraid of the effects of some modern technology on the world of national security in the world as foreign direct investment in this sector.

The participants emphasized that the challenges affect the sectors of financial markets, shipping, small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals in general, and the tariff increases imposed by several strategic assets affect the various sectors of the economy and the level of mutual confidence between countries and governments.

Speakers stressed the importance of increasing the efficiency, productivity and competitiveness of governments, businesses and individuals and the need for effective global trading states to establish joint cooperation systems with preferential operators.

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