Wednesday , March 3 2021

FilGoal | News | Egypt team leaves Burj Al Arab to start camp

Egypt left Burj Al Arab to begin its closed camp to prepare for Tunisia on Friday.

The first team will play on Burj Al Arab on Monday and the team will end after the end of the match after the arrival of other professionals.

The Egyptian team is expected to face Tunisia on November 16 match "qualifiers" in 2019 African nation competitions qualifiers after qualifying for Eagles of Carthage and Pharaohs.

The Tunisian game is the only match the pharaohs play in the camp.

He added to that the camp ends after the match with Tunisia, the Football Association's decision in co-operation with coach Javier Aguirre.

According to Leitah, the Football Association has decided that players return to matches after the match Tunisia is very useful when the 15th round of the league is held on 21 November and the Al Ahli match on the Zayed Cup's 16th round against Al Waslia against 22. November.

Consequently, Egypt did not face any confrontation before Niger's face in the African nation's qualifying rounds ended in March.

Select the formation of Egypt in front of Tunisia

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