Tuesday , March 2 2021

"New Laws, Museum and Gift Sponsorship". From the Arabian Music Conference 7 recommendation

Alexandria – Mohamed El Badry:

The 27th Arab Music Conference Scientific Committee announced the recommendations of the conference, which will be held together at the Egyptian Opera House in the Arabian Music Festival.

According to a statement released on Saturday by the Opera House, the recommendations contained seven points, including Arabic academia and music institutes to extend the use of modern technology to teaching Arabian music by preserving its aesthetics and identity, the Arab world and the creation of a digital music library.

The conference recommended encouraging creative and serious businesses to students from Arabian music institutions and inviting Arabic artistic and cultural institutions to organize events for new Arabic creative experiences and to set up Arabian music archives and museums in local and national settings.

The Scientific Committee of the Conference called for the drafting of laws and mechanisms to enable the provision of music material to users and interested parties in accordance with the provisions of these articles and to guarantee the property rights of those authors and to ensure the material benefits of developing and continuing these institutions.

The conference also called on Arab publishers and national publishing houses to allow specialized music criticism and walkways for a creative movement and to create a journalism of music criticism presented in the musical life of the Arab world and to encourage young critics to reward critical and scientific music criticism and interest in translating and internationalizing important critical articles. printing and dissemination, as well as publishing articles written by music critics in educational institutions through an electronic magazine, as well as writing Arabic-language dictionaries.

The Arabian Music Festival was held in Oopperatalo from 3 to 6 November, 42 researchers and musical experts from 16 Arab countries and overseas: Egypt, Lebanon, UAE, Tunisia, Sultanate of Oman, Denmark, Jordan, Algeria, Kuwait, Morocco, Libya, Palestine, Iraq, Sudan and Bahrain . "

Al-Khobar ("New Laws, Museum and Gift Sponsorship") Arab Music Conference (Moved to Masrawy)
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