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Opening of the First UAE Brazil Business Forum – Last Dubai

Wednesday, 7 November 2018 – 11 December

Brazil, November 7, 2006 (WAM)
The Brazilian state is the first commercial forum between UAE and Brazil
The Consulate General of Sao Paulo and the heads of national affiliates
Brazilian State and Development Director Carlos Eduardo Abiga Oden
(CNU) and the Head of Negotiations
International Federation / Government Representatives and Representatives of the Brazilian Industry Federation (CNI)
From Brazilian companies.

The objective of the Forum is to increase trade between two countries as an alternative
UAE is the strength of UAE's economy and its distinctive status
It is the largest shopping center in the Middle East and has services
The state can attract foreign investment that would benefit Brazilian merchants
Take advantage of these devices and start the state in the neighboring areas
Expand your business. During the forum, UAE companies offered
Brazil's market challenges and reflection on how to win
These challenges are with stakeholders, while the Brazilian side offers opportunities
Challenges in the region and Brazilian merchants who want to open up new markets
From United Arab Emirates.

As some merchants talked about their success stories in the UAE market and Medi
The facilities they found were a positive incentive for Brazilian companies
Others in the UAE market.

WAM / Zakaria Mohieddin

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