Rivera boss: Boca Juniors claim the Copa Libertadores "shame and deception." The game is played in our home (video)


The Argentine River Plate Club president Rodolfo Unforio has rejected the club's fierce attack after recent events and postponed the end of the Copa Libertadores Cup finals.

The match between River Plate and Boca Juniors, to be held on Saturday, was postponed on the first day after the riots that took place after the meeting. Some River Plate fans attacked Boca players, their destiny is still unknown.

"What happened was largely predictable, only 15 people who caused these regrettable events," he said on television.

"Security can not be relieved of responsibility for these events because my point of view is that there were security breaches."

"The union has received a complaint against Boca Juniors and should have told us about the content of the complaint so that we can analyze and respond to it, but that has not happened," he said. This confirms that there are deficiencies in the universe. "

"We do not want an extra advantage over Boca Juniors, but I suspect that the game is played at home (Monemontal) and with our fans."

"If that happens, it is shameful and one of the biggest frauds that anyone can do at this time," he said.

"The events involved in the game are very sad, the ball is played on the ground, not from the outside, because it was a massive attack," said Boca Juniors President Daniel Anglichi. "We missed the world that waited for this, Beautiful Offer".

On the other hand, said the channel "Fox Sports" Argentina that Alejandro Dominigues, chairman of the Confederation, will hold a meeting chairman of the clubs Boca Juniors and Red Plate, to determine the new date with Super Clasico in the Copa Libertadores.

According to some press releases, the date of Super Classico is scheduled on Saturday, December 8th.

The first football ended with 2-2 betting at La Bomponera, the Boca Juniors fortress.


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