Friday , March 5 2021

The first rounds of Gujichi State Cup

UAE Jogitsu fans and actors are preparing to launch a new tournament for UAE vice president in the name of His Majesty. The Jujitsu Emirates Union is successfully ready to prepare its first edition on Saturday, November 10 at the Al-Jazira Cultural Club in Abu Dhabi.

His Highness vice president cup is particularly important for his direct impact on the Yiddish community, enthusiasts and followers during the 2018-2019 sports season. The Cup is one of only two local championships that allow state-level sports clubs to compete in one of the most expensive National titles when his Highness Cup is a state president.

The championship is characterized by the introduction of new technical systems (transparent weights) in three categories for men of over 21s, young people under the age of 21 and young people under 15, 16 and 17 years of age.

The technical details of the competition focus on the rehabilitation of local players by taking part in competitions that accept the standards and laws adopted in Asia and international competitions, especially the South Stream World Championship in Sweden, which will allow players to identify the mechanisms and techniques of these deductions. They will compete with international titles in later stages.

Promotion of competition

"The importance of HH's Vice-President Cup is above all a valuable name and the fact that the tournament is a real extension to the season's schedule and to continue the strategy of the Jujitsu Emirates Union, Gujitsu's sport and the dissemination of culture among members of the community, reflecting UAE's position in this prestigious international sport purpose. "

The role of repetition

In addition to the nature of the tournament, characterized by the elements of tension and enthusiasm, in light of the major downsides, the Jujitsu Emirates Union has introduced a different arbitration procedure known as a return game that guarantees lost players the opportunity to return to another game before they leave for competition in order to compete bronze medal.

It is worth noting that the Emirates Federation of Jogitsu has approved the prize system where the Grand Prize is awarded with the top three places in the winners and the total points earned by tournaments.

Excellent design

Emirates Jugitsu has awarded the winner a unique and unique detail in a collection that combines lines, circles and modern bands by combining a work of art that reflects the importance of a tournament.

Busy season

In the current preparations, the Jujitsu Emirates Union will continue its efforts to hold other high-quality tournaments in the next stage, especially in the martyrdom competitions on 22, 23 and 24 November.

The second round of the Umm Jumput Women's Championship will be held in December, and on December 14 and 15, we will hold the Presidential Contest in the second round of the HH. Dubai International Jujitsu Professional Championships will be held the same month on the 28th and 29th.

The first round of the Vice Premier is the introduction of two other tournaments. The UAE Jugitsu Federation will hold a second round in Fujairah in January next year before reaching the third world championship in Dubai next March.

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