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Video – Sumaya Khashab Returns to Sing Again "My Heart, People"

Video – Sumayaa al-Khashab returns to sing "my heart and my people" The charter refers to the video we are releasing you video – Sumayaa al-Khashab's return to sing "my heart, people" – video Sumaya Khashab's return to sing "my heart, people" through our treaty and starting with the most important news, videos – Sumaya Khashab's return to singing "my heart, people".

Sumaya Al Khashab has launched a new song called "Albi Ya Nas" on its official channel on YouTube, who is witnessing his return to the song he spent for many years with a few songs and then returned to representation.

The song "Albi Ya Nas" by Hisham Sadiq, composer Soka and distribution of Fido, Mix and Masters music and Mohamed Abbas sound system Ammar Khater.

Sumaya Al Khashab's song "My Heart O People"

My heart, oh people, are getting tired of good, and what's good
Sharm Keterer humming to the hearts of people is not what Birmmush
My heart, my people, my mother's dimension
I need a man who supports me during the trouble and what is being smuggled

I've gone away for years, and I have lived with him in the hearts of Tabaninin
I am a student and I live safely with good people
And I'm a healer, so I do not care about him, because he knows him
And one man seems to me a minus
Delayed man throwing wounds
I do not know what time I am
Mana Berza Ansana and Bazal elsewhere
And Keter has the role of security and what Balakahosh
I have to wait time to see what I can do
It is imperative to do what is necessary to answer the concerns of what is happening
Melliti rescue the slitter What I Basima and what Bashtkish
And all the people were rewarded with greeting Simonish's weeping
Medical work after the elderly and who came to her
I gave it my heart, which sacrificed a lot of fear

It is worth mentioning that Sumaya Al Khashab was the last drama of his series "Halal" in 2017, directed by Bayoumi Fuad, Fadia Abdel Ghan, Yousra El Lozin, Maha Ahmed and Ahmed Shafiq.

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