Tuesday , April 20 2021

War manifestations between Roan bin Hussein and Stailest Lebanon

Kuwaiti's fascist Rowan Ben Hussein and Lebanese stylist Maya Haddad spoke the word space after the recent attack on the emiral singer Ahlami, while the first defended him.

"I mean, God, your words are gemstones," he said. "We need 5 extra pens to attach to 10 fingers because they are like a big finger size.

"He raised me in his long tongue, even though I told him about people's symptoms." He said.

He concluded: "One of the most strange people I met in my life, the character of Aisha for actors, the love for Masari, and the length of time is Mu Moha! Ohmic grandfather and God's grandfather will appoint them."

This assault prompted Rouen Ben Hussein to intervene in defense of Ahlam, saying: "The reputation of Isha Shemaah Maya and Leiyeh, Maya's fault told his aunt's dreams," to be sarcastic Maya: "Birds in their forms are the London dinosaur."

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