Experts named the most anticipated "recharges" of the gold on the past 1K


The first place went to the movie "Back to the Future"

Frame of the movie "Back to the Future"

It's already fashionable to make gold plates and cartoons. Recently, The Hollywood Reporter released a new survey that showed where recent franchise viewers wanted to return to the screen. It turns out that the legendary trilogy of Robert Zemeckis's "Return to the Future" won first place.

Most respondents responded that they would delight in Marty McFly and Dr. Emmet Brown's new adventures. but Zemeckis himself does not seem to be enthusiastic about such an idea.

Another movie that users would like to "download" was the animated picture "Toy Story". Fortunately, fans want to live soon and the popular cartoon fourth part will be released.

Third was the Indiana Jones franchise. Although the fourth movie received low reviews and negative reviews, viewers still do not want to say goodbye to their favorite enthusiasts. And they do not have to, because in July 2021 Steven Spielberg promises to return Harrison Ford's dangerous and exciting adventure path.

Remember, recently, studio Walt Disney introduced the debut teaser trailer updated cartoon "The Lion King". The video was released on YouTube's YouTube channel. The debut video shows a scene from the beginning of the tape when the monkey Rafiki presents the beasts of the Simbou savannah of the royal mother of the king Mufasan. Currently, Elton John's song "Circle of Life" sounds. Remake used CGI technology – images were produced using three-dimensional computer graphics.

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