Sunday , March 7 2021

Gref: 70% of Sberbank's executives replaced artificial intelligence. | 10/11/18

The introduction of artificial intelligence allowed Sberbank to reduce 70% of the middle-level executives involved in routine operations.

This was announced annually as Chief of the Sberbank Data Science Day by German Gref.

"The expansion of artificial intelligence in the coming years is likely to increase only," he said, adding that Sberbank's artificial intelligence has replaced people for a long time.

"We have radically reduced individuals who perform very simple operations, we have such a system within Sberbank, called mental management systems, with the engine that learns every day to make decisions and recommendations," said Gref.

"And this led to a huge decline in the different levels of simple solutions. It is said that at the average level we reduced about 70% of the leaders – the middle link is mostly affected," he added.

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Most of the abbreviations made by Gref were renewed in Sberbank. "These people today participate in a completely different job that was not even a task before, and the decision-making level of these people has increased considerably," says Gref. (quotations from TASS).

Since the beginning of the year Sberbank has reduced more than 14 thousand employees. In the third quarter, 3 302 layoffs were laid off and personnel fell to 296 103 employees.

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