Habib talked to reporters. The most interesting discussion


About the political career, Mayweather and even Buzova.

Habib Nurmagomedov / Image: Ethan Miller, Getty Images

Habib Nurmagomedov seldom in Moscow. It is difficult to attract him to the Russian capital – the fighter himself has repeatedly said he is tired of all the hype around him. During his career he lives in two areas: in his native Dagestan he has a family, children and all the closest people, and in California – AKA gym and trainer Javier Mendezwho made him the UFC championship.

Today Habib is in Moscow for two important reasons. The first is a press conference and an introductory biography, the second is the speech of the international forum Synergy Global, where he is like an actor Richard GereAmerican broker Jordan Belfort and the legendary Football Referee Pierluinj Hill. He is expected to be interviewed in the evening. Tina Kandelaki. Recently, Habib's injury was due to the fact that he did not fight for two years, the fighter himself was thinking of stopping his career, and UFC did not even think of giving him a championship campaign. And now he is probably the most important Russian media star: the Russian president meets personally with him Vladimir Putin, on channel One, is given one hour's interview, and British newspapers spread rumors Olga Buzova his wife


At the beginning of the conversation, the presenter misrepresented the Russian master – he did not like it.

"You do not make Americans out of me. Introduced me said," I came back to Russia, "and I asked was happy or not. I'm actually here in Dagestan. It would be logical, if I ask a similar question to the United States. In general, I'm number to participate in such an event. It is not only I, but also my group. We have signed a great deal. "

Habib appeared at the press conference in the hoodies and cork with a Gorilla mark. The same producer of energy drinks has signed a three-year contract with him. Fighter Fee – $ 1 Million. "After the last battle there was a lot of sponsorship bidding, but I chose Gorilla because they also signed my husband."


"For both heredity, money and competition, Mayweather's struggle is much more interesting, people are always interested in watching masters fall, so many people buy Mayweather broadcasts – she has 50 battles and 50 wins, someone laughs at him, someone is against him, we are fighting twice Interestingly, two invincible fighters, it's interesting to know who is falling, who is retiring, not just media people, including my men who do not give me the chance in this fight, which motivates me, now the trial should end with the Athletic Commission and then we communicate.

I do not know how many battles in the contract [с UFC] left behind When Michael Johnson signed a new contract. I do not know exactly how much is left. I have not yet decided who I want to fight next. "


"There was no dialogue, I talked to him, and he, like, swallowed his tongue, I do not know, he did not particularly want to talk, I told him [во время боя]: "Come on, talk now." But he repeated that it was just a business. He wanted to convince me, I think. After the battle I did not see him – and where? When the Russian President called, he felt joy. And when Conor gave up, it was a shame. For him, so many people were hurt and he knocked. Come out – fight to the end.

Friendship with Conor? Everything is possible after many years. I replied to all the dirty words in the cell. At this moment, it will continue, but we will see. You never know how to behave in a particular situation. A person can act in different ways. I jump to them – I did not even have it in my head, in that second that came to my head, so. I could break my leg because it was high there. You have to keep yourself in your hand. Then, when you evaluate the situation carefully, it is unfortunate. But if I had the opportunity to repeat ten times the situation, I will not give up on my office and I will not give up. Do you do it again? Undoubtedly.


"I think we played with the team in Krasnodar a year and a half ago, and our team's fighter won the championship, and we hit the eighth with the whole team Kamil Hajiyev (The Fight Night Global president who held this tournament) fined us 30 percent, but it was right. Discipline comes first. Then the father regretted us, gave him a word that we would no longer fly the cage. But there were no words to fly out of the cell. (Smile). So in the future we have to control ourselves. Hope this will not happen again. "


"Honestly, I do not understand what aesthetics is, the main thing is a win, there is no difference what you do with the octagon, but if you lose-what kind of fighters are you? I am more a fighter, but I do not agree that fought in the battle with no aesthetics. He is.


"I do not think my my influence in social networks before, now I'm about to start, many people ask. Who leads Instagram Myself Johan, I do not have any problems with it maybe, sometimes you can skip the comma, but I can write text normally, I would like to stay a little away?.. If anyone has a desire, then he or she can be useful even without politics – so it is not necessary to be somewhere.

I will go to every battle as the last one. And then you're tuning for another battle that is four or five months. Of course, I thought about retirement. I am a 30-year-old, and I do not want to be the man who cut every other fight. We have to go in time, because there will be more hungry and young fighters. This is not my reasoning, it was so at all times. Everyone has their own peak, and they do not return to it. While I'm on the go, I protected vyötäni. And though I have no idea about retirement. "


"Among my subscribers, there were no people who doubted my winnings, only some people wrote:" Tell me, thank you, in what round are you ready? I want to bet on you. "I said I can not help because I'm not friendly betting."

Conor fans in Russia

"I did not see anyone so sick, I say this: this is a sport – here you can be up to anyone you like, I do not think everyone should stimulate me, this is a sport, you can take root for anyone, for example, I like" Real ", I look at all the matches. are those who support Barcelona. So what you can not subscribe to the fan support for you. "

Buzova Your wife?

Prior to the fight with McGregor, the British media wrote Buzova secret wife Nurmagomedova. They came to this conclusion after a fighter and singer after a joint image.

"I feel bad about this, she can not be my wife, this is not true.


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