How many military Russia met in the occupied Crimea: the Ministry of Defense expressed figures


The now-manned crime has over 30,000 Russian soldiers – Russia has created a strong set of interspecific troops.

This was stated by a representative of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense Vadim Skibitski's main registry office at a press conference.

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So Russia has created a number of interspecific forces on an occupied peninsula – it contains parts of land, air and sea.

At present, the occupied Crimea, occupying the armed forces of the Russian Federation, has a total of 31,500 soldiers,
– said Skibitsky.

The ministry also noted that the naval complexes and submarines of missile missiles equipped with Kaliber missile systems during the occupation period increased significantly. The number of fighter aircraft, both tactical and military, has increased significantly.

Remember, on November 25, Russia used open aggression on Azov's sea. The Russian Federation border ship was launched by the Ukrainian army raid tug. In this case, the Ukrainian Navy Commander notes that two small armored artillery boats and the Ukrainian Navy's naval tug moved from Odessa to Mariupol harbor in accordance with international standards.

Russia is not slow in reaction. The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation stated that Ukrainian warships "abused the temporarily closed waters of the Russian Federation's territorial sea" and continued to move to the Kerch Strait.

Nevertheless, the Ukrainian Navy vessel group continued to travel to Mariupol. Indeed, as the Kerch bridge disappeared, Russian border ships opened up Ukrainian vessels, resulting in six soldiers being injured and only about twenty seamen were caught. At the same time, the Russians reported that only three Ukrainian soldiers were "slightly injured". Russia also captured three Ukrainian vessels.

Controversy over Azov's sea: video



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