I do not know why you should criticize him, "said Guardiola Stirling


13:07, 11 November 2018

The coach admits Sterling's mistake, but he does not deserve his criticism.

Raheem Sterling

Raheem Sterling

Photo: Getty Images

Manchester City Head Coach Pep Guardiola began defending Rahim Streling, who was blocked by Shakhtar's unscrupulous penalty kick in the Champions League match.

– Now I feel – I realized that Stirling's criticism was unsuccessful. I do not know why you should criticize him. He did not dive, but only wanted to earn a punishment and it was a mistake. People say it is outrageous and blame him for condemning the punishment. It was the wrong decision of the judge, he did not. Sterling is an incredibly good guy who is loved in the locker room. Do not forget that he is 23 years old and when you are at that age, you have not yet become a person or a player. Sometimes we ask or demand too much of our players when they are so young, but this is pretty normal.

Note that "Manchester City" secretly paid for the coach's salary as official. New batch of alerts on football giants.

In addition, the VAR can be implemented in the Champions League this season. The referee's mistake in "Manchester City" – "Shakhtar" again raised the real question.

Otherwise, Rahim Sterling has signed a new contract with Manchester City.

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