Masha Efrosin and Jamala gave their voice to Disney's heroes



Soon, waiting for both children and their parents release another part of the Ralph the Destroyer animation. Adventures of a strong giant and little candy girl continue!

The new animation, named "Ralph the Destroyer 2: The Internet," the new bright heroes have joined the favorite Disney characters Ralph and Vanilope: Inzhekt, Takkk and Spam. They were the ones who were bored with the brilliant star team!

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Anatoly Anatolich copies spam junk Internet Guru, Sales Director. Spam is the conductor of Ralph and Vanilopa in the net world and even a horrible dark network. All of the bright ads we click on our computers every day we thank for spam.

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Inzhekt racer incarnates unparalleled Jamala. Inject is strong, agile and durable, trusts his trusted team and takes care of the bad situation. Each time, the girl is ready to hit and always confidently go to the goal. The famous Ukrainian singer took his first major role by dubbing with great enthusiasm:

– This is so cool, you're 100% reborn to your hero and live a bit of life. In addition to the movie dialogue, you also hear a song about my performance, but do not be surprised when you hear the sounds you're used to but the competitor Inzhekt. This is the real challenge of copying – forget your personal experience. Usually Inzhekt and I are very similar – I also love crazy rhythm, speed and drive. The only difference is I do not ride the bike.


Stylish purple coat guarantees a superb copy console in Masha Efrosin's copying studio – today she is a cool business partner Takkk. Takk – intelligent and strong will, it is always a trend, and even the slow Ralph becomes star YouTube.

– Like! Like! I like everyone! My hero is like a bomb, he is very modern and very motivated. I like the new Disney comic book because we all live on one leg in the virtual world. News, pictures, messages, communication, and because you do not try to organize the Internet "detox", it's simply unrealistic, says the famous TV show. – Replicate the animation heroine is a very exciting experience. You are tired of its history, you understand that outwardly "ice leader" is very vulnerable.


So we look forward to the movie "Ralph 2: Internet" premiere on November 22!


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