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For several months, the school suffered losses of $ 2,163

Pictures from open sources

Pictures from open sources

Hunan Provincial School Manager and Lei Hua and Won Tsipen – assisted nine $ 7,000 Ethereum mining activities in building a college. For this reason, the school received several months losses of $ 2,163, says CoinDesk referring to the local edition of HK01.

Initially, Lei Hua installed the equipment home, but because of the high electricity costs, he decided to move the mining facility to the school where he was doing the theft of electricity.


Due to the secret mine in July and November, the electricity consumption at school has almost doubled and the speed of the IT network has fallen. School leadership originally suggested that this was due to excessive use of air conditioners, but the investigation showed that the reason was an illegal mine.

The leader, convicted of stealing electricity, was dismissed from office and was removed from the communist party when his assistant was unaware.

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