Nissan counts on excessive demand at the intersection of Nissan Kicks


Japanese company Nissan demands that the new small crossover Nissan Kicks, based on Reno Duster's architecture, gets a big win. This was reported at Nissan's office in India at the latest meeting with journalists. In order for the car to begin to enjoy wild popularity, the manufacturer decided to increase its investment for advertising by 60 percent and also to make new items on the global network and television.

It should be remembered that at the end of October 2015, the Japanese introduced Nissan Kicks' new budget intersection to the Indian car market.

The appearance of the car remained constant. The model is available for the Indian automotive industry. Differences can be observed in slightly improved buffers and grilles with a different structure.

The range of Nissan Kicks engines includes the 1.5 liter 106-horsepower petrol in China's "sucked" H4K and 1.5-liter 100 horsepower diesel. As part of a special event dedicated to compact crossover Nissan Kicks, the representatives of the brand said that after the start of the sale the car is a huge gain, says referring to Avtodream.

It is provisionally understood that the new Nissan Kicks will pay its customers 940 000 to 1 400 000 rupees (from 873 000 to 1 300 000 rubles). This compact cruise compete with Suzuki Vitara Brezza and Hyundai Creta.


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