Friday , February 26 2021

PSG wants to buy a player that Betis will hire from Barcelona –

Pochettino wants to strengthen his team’s right wing.

Emerson (left) and Gaiska Larrazabal, Getty Images

Emerson (left) and Gaiska Larrazabal, Getty Images
January 20, 2021 at 2 p.m.

According to a Spanish daily LIKE, French PSG is interested in the possibility of transferring Brazilian defender Catalan Barcelona Emerson Leite de Sousa, who is currently playing for Betis in Seville under a lease.

The player had never played for Blaugranas when he was transferred from Atletico Mineiro for € 12 million in the summer of 2019, and the footballer was immediately sent to the green and white camp for € 6 million as a footballer rented for two years.

Emerson’s contract with Betis is coming to an end this summer, but a source said his first match with a blue garnet shirt at Camp Nous may never take place.

The reason for this was the serious interest of the reigning champions of France. PSG sports director Leonardo is said to be so interested in his countrymen that he is willing to lobby for his transfer of 25 million euros.

If an agreement is reached during the current transfer window, Betis will receive part of this amount as compensation for the contract terminated prematurely, but the size of the “red-blue” offer will allow Barcelona to close part of the club’s budget gap.

This season, Emerson already has 16 battles for Betis, where he managed to get one goal and a pass.

The next match with the 22-year-old real defender could be on Wednesday, January 20, when Betis will play at home against Granada in La Liga, Spain.

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