Rolls-Royce launches the world's most expensive car


The Rolls-Royce Sweptail Coupe shocked its premiere at $ 12.8 million. Originally, the world's most expensive car was going to go on one copy. Now, however, there were those who wanted to buy Rolls-Royce and decided to release it in a small series.

From English translation Sweptail means "twisted tail". In fact, the car has a large corner of the rear bars and a slightly narrower "feed".

The Sweptail is based on the previous generation Rolls-Royce Phantom platform and hides the 6,75-liter V12 with 460 liters. a. While of course, it would be possible to supply a modern 570 horsepower turbo engine with a newer Phantom.

It is not known how many cars will be released.



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