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SBU: Lieutenant Colonel of Ukraine Armed Forces asked for bribe for woman coat – Ukraine News, Incidents

SBU: Colonel of Ukrainian Armed Forces asked for a bribe from a female officer for a raise - Picture


The SBU said they documented that the official got the first part of the bribe


SBU announced that they are exposed in Kiev bribe one of the leaders of the executive director into the moral and psychological support of the Ukrainian armed forces.

According to the intelligence service, the colonel demanded thousands of dollars from a female official to assist him in appointing him to the highest position.

The SBU says they have documented that the official got the first bribe for $ 300. They arrested him close to the military unit in the Kyiv area in Vasilkovskaya territory allegedly having received $ 700 – another part of the bribe.

The question of the declaration of suspected abuses is now resolved (section 369-2, section 3 of the Criminal Code). He must also select a preventive measure and remove the office.

At the same time, military adviser Anatoly Matios says the arrested insisted and received a thousand dollars "to influence the completion of the relevant military personnel to transfer the soldier from one military unit to another" He wrote about this Facebook.

In October, President Petro Poroshenko signed laws on ensuring equal rights for men and women during military service. The law should contribute to increasing the number of women in the Ukrainian armed forces, including leading military stations.

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