Spiegel revealed financial fraud in Manchester City

20:25, 5 November 2018

The English club was charged with fraud.

Manchester City

Manchester City

Spiegel's German edition revealed Manchester City corruption cases in order to avoid punishments that violate gambling rules.

In one email from Manchester City's CFO Andrew Widdowson, the club's economy is divided into companies owned by one company, namely the owner of the English team, Sheikh Mansur ibn Zayd al-Nahyan. For example, in 2015 Etihad had to make a transfer of £ 67.5 million. Funds were sent in two installments. The company paid £ 8 million and the remaining € 59.5 million was transferred to Abu Dhabi United, owned by Sheikh Mansur, to Manchester City.

It has also been reported that Sheikh Mansur spent over £ 1 billion in the first four years as a club owner, while UEFA sought to tighten up financial playing policy.

We find that Marlos returned to the Shakhtar group. Pitme arranged training in front of Man City.

We also added that Zinchenko could join the Ndombela trade. Manchester City midfielder Alexander Zinchenko got another probable career development option.

In addition, Borussia D wants to invite another Man City student.

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