Friday , June 18 2021

The politician attacked Nikolaev

Yesterday, 19:42


During the capture of the drunken convoy, his adoptive party decided to "take revenge" on the police

Nikolajev was attacked by the chief of the cartridges who arrested a drunk driver – he hit the face and his jaw was broken.

As it turned out, the driver refused to take the blood alcohol test by cursing and pushing to the law enforcement authority, and when he tried to put him in his hands, a 19-year-old fountain traveled to the police's face.

As a result, both men in the car were arrested. Invading a guard of the organization, a young man is now under five years in prison.

"The citizen who turned out to be a captured son hit the third battalion's deputy head, which resulted in the latter being injured, namely a fracture of the jaw and brain concussion," said police inspector Anton Chislov.

Previously we have told you about it by the river, a drunken man sentenced to a previously convicted. The event took place on October 7 during the Ukrainian defender's day celebration and the 75th anniversary of the city's release.

We also wrote Chernivt attacked police in a woman. The supervisor's police inspector, trying to calm down a drunk company, suffered facial chest and soft tissue.

And Cherkassy, ​​a local resident who was in a police building, attacked the police with a knife.

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