Yagodin stopped at the checkpoint: protesters burn the tire economy


At the inspection post "Yagodin" west border on Monday, 26 November, there was a contradiction between the Protestant car rental companies on the evolution of the sea and the drivers. This was announced by the state's financial service Natalia Nepryakhina, the press secretary, reports UNN.

"In Yagodina there are contradictions between fighters and demonstrators, which are burning," the spokesman said.

According to him, the queue for truck exits is growing rapidly. All the time, only two children's buses are decorated.

Please note that the movement of vehicles is also limited by other checkpoints at the border. Thus, the queue for Ukraine is 120 cars, 120 trucks and 6 buses departing – 80 cars, 130 trucks and 10 buses. Checkpoint "Krakovets": entry to Ukraine – 70 cars, 400 trucks, 15 buses, departures – 20 cars, 90 trucks and 12 buses. PPC "Smilnitsa": the entrance does not have a car; departure – 130 cars.

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Listen to sThe race was revitalized with new power The entry into force of the laws on customs car registration in the EU.

The owners of "Evronomeru" cars must remove the age limits for the customs clearance car from the new excise duty system and emphasize that the 90-day period during which customs clearance of euro coins costs 50% less is not enough.

However, the effects of the new laws were also "overrun" – residents of border regions who had previously legally crossed the Ukrainian state border for a short period of time. They also complicate the situation at the borders with traffic jams. For the purpose of legislation, a working group of the Ministry of the Interior was set up as part of high-level law enforcement agencies.

On Friday, November 23, President of Ukraine Peter Poroshenko signed the bills for the clearance of cars "evronomerah". On Sunday, November 25, they entered into force.

November 8, Verkhovna Rada was adopted at second reading and usually one of the basic level Lait 8487 "Amendments to the Tax Code for Taxes for Passenger Cars in Ukraine", which approved the amendments to the rules on the import and customs clearance of "evronomerah" cars.

Rada also accepted at second reading and in general invoice number 8488 "On the Ukrainian Customs Code and Ukraine's Acts on the Import of Vehicles to the Customs Territory of Ukraine". This places particular constraints on the number of cars that can be imported without cash and also increases the breach of customs regulations.


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