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7 Reasons to Buy An Expensive Watch

Do you find it hard to justify a substantial amount of money for a new watch? Whether you save for years or you are an impulsive man with a great bonus, thousands of users on time is a serious decision.

We are here by deleting all our guilt and telling us that there is plenty of money in the watch.

Maybe you have trouble persuading a lot of other things to get the Graal Clock? It's always awkward. Most people say that you are crazy, and list immediately on all the things you can buy. a laptop, a dream holiday, a car, maybe even a house deposit …

But you should not let their reaction take you out of dreamwatch.

If you have to explain yourself (or maybe you need to push an extra line to make a big purchase), here are some compelling reasons to hit your credit card without even skewing.

1. You wanted it over

There is no harm to buying a expensive watch (assuming you can afford, of course) just because you want it. You may have noticed it in your jewel shop window at your lunch breaks and wandering after that; one day she dared to go and try it, leaving the credit card in the office conveniently.

You can see the time that is advertised in every magazine, T3 article, and everywhere your algorithm has entered Instagram. So finally bones and buy it. Now enjoy it – life is too short for the buyer's repentance when spending money on what you've been wanting for weeks, months, or even years.

2. Loving craftsmanship

In general, expensive mechanical clocks have a lot going inside. It has the main thrust, balance ring, roughness and gearbox, a few elements that all work together to keep time together. Yes, a smartphone processor or a cheaper model of quartz business is likely to take more time, but where's the fun of it?

The expensive Swiss clock with a complex handmade mechanism that is visible from either glass or skeletons is a matter of beauty and admirable in all possibilities. Detecting complexity at work – especially if the clock contains multiple complications such as lunar phase selection – helps you understand where the money is gone and appreciates the craftsmanship that brings them together.

3. It reminds of its own achievements

If you have had a particularly good year at work, you can do a lot worse than treating a nice clock. Each time you look at it, you will be reminded of the efforts you made to make it available. The clock is not just a way to tell the time but a constant reminder of what you can do when you put your mind on it and what you have achieved.

4. It is a matter of beauty

People use millions of pounds for art that has no purpose other than being beautiful – so what is wrong when spending big money on a bell that is beautiful and useful?

Yes, every Casio can tell you about time, but the charming Swiss number attaches to the diver's frame, visible crown, shimmering dial, complicated complications and a flexible leather strap. Indices and chronographs, moonphase complications, sweeping hands and exposed movements, watches provide many small details to observe and admire.

Watching a great Swiss watch is much more than just checking the time.

5. It reminds us of a special occasion

Whether it's a wedding, baby's birth or other important day, a special clock can help mark the occasion – you would even have a day and a message that is engraved at the back of the case.

So every time you look at it, you will be reminded of it's special day – and more, it will look like a valuable family heritage move from generation to generation. When it has passed from parent to child and ultimately to grandchildren, the high initially costs will certainly come to a distant and unfavorable commemoration.

It's no wonder Patek Philippe speaks of owning very expensive bells, but he just takes care of their next generation.

6. It may be an investment

This can be a delicate subject, given the negative perceptions that the clock is "translated" – by selling rare and desired models as a prize payout right after the sale. But note the residual value of some expensive clocks, especially if you need a little more convincing.

In general, Rolex and Patek Philippen have good value, and some may even appreciate your ownership. Some Rolex Daytona models are currently appreciated, and the iconic "Pepsi GMT-Master" – so-called red and blue frame – is always in demand.

Much of this appreciation comes from a limited offer where you can not just walk to the gems and buy the clock you want. If a limited amount is produced, there will be a waiting list, and the list has overwhelmingly loyal customers.

Although a good knowledge of the company's annual publication schedules (and a good relationship with your Authorized Distributor "AD") helps to buy new, long-term investments, it's much harder to predict.

For example, in roles of Sean Connery's James Bond movies, roles can be downloaded at auction, and rare assemblies – the depth rating in red says – can increase the value of those who bought the watch for a new one, he may have been aware of.

7. It's part of who you are

The watch market is incredibly diverse, and the styles vary from other fashion designers. As such, the time you decide to use is a project of who you are. It's not just a device that tells the time – your phone can do it, and it's probably more accurate – but it's telling you a lot about your personality.

The size, style, shape, complexity, color and material of the watch give you tips on the actual you and perhaps even when you see yourself in a social ladder.

In March, a business meeting with sport-minded Rolex, customers know immediately that you are valuable or two. Belt in TAG Heuer Monaco and you have good chances of motor sports or Steve McQueen's fan – either way, it's the start of the conversation and says something interesting about you.

Do you want advice on what to watch to buy? See T3 Purchase Information below:

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