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Kate and Meghan join the queen of Westminster monastery by the end of the century with armed forces

The royal family has met in the Westminster Abbey for the prudent Remembrance Service to close down the armed forces century.

Queen joined the Duke and Duke of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex and the Duke, where they listened to prayers at the time of "harmony."

His Majesty and the President of Germany heard the prayer "harmony" during the service.

Duke of Duke Cambridge and Duke and Duke Sussex attended Westminster Abbey, which marked the 200th anniversary of the armed forces (Photo: Reuters)
His Majesty and German President listened to "harmony" during prayer (Photo AFP / Getty)
The event is the first time Sussex Duke, who is currently pregnant with her first child, has been the commemorative day of the royal family (photo AFP / Getty)
People were placed in an unknown soldier's grave, buried in Abbey (Photo: PA)

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who previously put a wreath at Cenotaph, was also present at a historic event.

The event is the first time Sussex Duke, who is currently pregnant with her first child, has been a commemorative day for a royal family.

Dean of Westminster, Dr. John Hall, prayed for a time when the conflict "turned into friendship and cooperation".

A queen dressed in purple, and Steinmeier considered that the flowers were placed on the tomb of an unknown warrior and shook hands later at the end of the service.

In his offer, the dean said, "When I marked the military century of the end of the First World War, we remember the sacrifices of the victims in all parts of the conflict, with disaster and sadness.

The queen dressed in purple and Steinmeier watched the flowers set to the tomb of the Unknown Warrior and shook hands later at the end of the service (Photo: AP)
Canterbury Archbishop Justin Welby makes a sign of nationwide service a century of armor (Picture PA)
Theresa also talked about emotional service (Photo: Reuters)

"We were thinking of how people were led to war and how the war was over, and the unpleasant peace that followed its continued suffering and family and lifestyle disruption.

"Above all, in our remembrance and reflection, we hope for a time when aggression between peoples and peoples becomes friendship and cooperation when everyone can live side by side in mutual incentive and harmony and the weapons of war become instruments of peace."

At Canterbury Archbishop said, "We look at the ruins and find that they have been rebuilt.

"We are looking forward to the big challenges in a different world and society and we see that through faith and loving obedience God has made conflict and enemies aligned and this is hope for the world."

Both William and Kate changed this morning with Cenotaph (Picture: Rex)
Queen turned into a beautiful purple dress (Photo: AFP / Getty)

Actor Sophie Okonedo read the social reformer, Beatrice Webb, dated 11 November 1918.

Diary's entry said: "Peace! London is nowadays noise and joy, soldiers and flappers are the most evidence.

"Many are doing everything in the line, and despite the misty fog and the constant rain, the sounds and the struggling, busy creatures and vehicles striking the streets.

"Paris, I imagine, is apparently spontaneous and spectacular, and Berlin is considered to be happy because it has been liberated not only by war but also by its oppressors."

Actor Sophie Okonedo read social editions of Beatrice Webb's diaries on November 11, 1918 (Image: BBC)
Meghan took his new role in his step and did not put his foot wrong during the day (Picture: PA)

Actor John Simm read John Jackson, a private 12768: Tommy memo.

He read: "The news has been welcome at home and in most countries of the world, but non-fighters could have an idea of ​​what the message meant to men in the pit.

"I think we were slow to think that it could really be true after long battles.

"It was strange to think, and we know that once again we could move fully exposed without fear of shooting."

Theresa May arrives at event with her husband, Phillip (Photo: Reuters)
Duke and Duchess arrive at the Central London service point (Photo: AFP / Getty)

The choir of Westminster Abbey sang the entire service, and was read by Theresa May and Prince Charles.

Mr Steinmeier delivered the reading in German close to the end of the service.

Among the congregation was the 88-year-old Ruth Gayfer whose older Edwin Oliver and Evelyn Boyce were in the First World War and wrote love letters to each other.

Yorkshire but London resident Gayfer said his father had enrolled at age 16 and was in the fourth East Yorkshire regiment when the mother was a nurse.

Oliver died in 1934 when Ruth was only four.

(Photo: BBC)
Cornwall's Duke was also dressed in violet when he arrived with her husband Prince Charles, who gave the reading (Photo: Reuters)

On Sundays, she said, "It's great, that's right. My older sister is 97 and she's very happy because she naturally remembers her in her teenage years when she took her to cycling and things like that."

Another member of the parish was Patricia Barber, 73, from Ilford, whose grandfather John Thomas Blackett served with the fifth battalion's Dorset Regiment.

He said: "I am very proud of the fact that I am here to speak isoisilleni He is a brave man Although he was not actually killed in the war, I think that, as a result of his injuries probably he is dead…

"He died and was shocked to be an active service, and it was in June 1918 and then two months later he died tragically in a drowning accident.

Royals joined members of the public and veterans (Photo: BBC)
The service marked events marking the century (Photo: Getty)

"So whether this was because he was shocked, he fell to the river or jumped, we do not know. It was an open judgment.

"But he does not have a marked grave, and his name is not in any memorial or even in a regiment."

Barber said that his grandfather is a military medal and he hopes that his name will be a monument or a column in the future.

"It would be great to have his name memorized," he said.

(Image: Reuters)
People gather to pay their last respects in the tomb of an unknown warrior (Photo: Getty)

Walter Tull's great nephew Edward Finlayson, the first black coach who leads the white troops to fight, said he was "very proud" to be in Abyss.

Walter Tull, the first black-outfield player on top flight, joined Northampton in Tottenham in 1911 before signing the football battalions in 1914.

He was promoted to Sergeant in 1915 and served in Western and Italian fronts in the war, but he died in the Arras battle in 1918, his body never found.

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