Thursday , June 17 2021

Super Smash Bros Ultimate's DLC-Roster is already set

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate consumes about one year after its release by adding more characters, phases, and music tracks via downloadable content. Do not waste your time to start a Dixie Kong card trip, although – director Masahiro Sakurai says the list is already locked.

"The Super Smash Bros Ultimatum DLC is now ready," Sakurai said tweet. "This time, the choice was chosen entirely by Nintendo. I decide whether we can create a fighter choice based on their choice, then come up with a plan."

The wording notes that the choices were already "this time", leaving the door open to another series to track DLC content that may include fan requests. The community has sung some of their favorite characters, such as Waluigi, Banjo-Kazooie and others. Of course he could have been against this time last time, the last Smash Bros game.

Six downloadable characters are coming. The first Piranha plant is available free of charge to anyone who buys and registers the game by 31 January 2019. He will later be bought. Five other fighters are added to DLC packs, which are combined with extra stage and new music tracks. These packages cost $ 6 per piece, and the Fighter Pass Kit will get you $ 25 each. Fighting the Fighter Passport also brings you to Xinoblade Chronicles 2's Rex.

The announcement of the Piranha factory and the DLC fighters was published next to the last two rosters, Ken and Incineroar. This announcement also introduced the final status, the Spirits, which allows you to take on a number of challenges to become enthusiastic enthusiasts. Nintendo Direct mentioned that the DLC has not been locked yet, so the markup options may be very fresh.

Smash Bros. Ultimate releases on December 7 for Nintendo Switch.

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