The renewal of the Lloyds Banking Group affects thousands of jobs


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The Lloyds Banking Group has confirmed that it will reduce 6,240 jobs and will create 8,240 new ones when it will renew its digital services.

Lloyds said that 75% of new jobs are filled by existing staff, but some special roles such as information scientists come from outside.

Shares do not change but its location in Gillingham closes.

The UK's largest High Street lender has been redesigned by the increasing number of people online online and not by branch offices.

Lloyds said that existing jobs would be upgraded and new staff retraining would be created.

It added: "This is part of the 3 billion-euro commitment that the group has made a strong contribution to its technology and people within its three-year strategic plan."

  • Lloyds replaces debit cards for some
  • Lloyds Banking Group closes 49 branch offices

Unite European Union official Rob MacGregor said that the news "no doubt falls into the morale of the staff that has had to endure it after cutting, cutting down, and continuing the revolution".

He added: "Unite requires Lloyd to guarantee compulsory redundancies and to ensure that new entrants receive support and skills to enable them to continue providing the best possible customer service."

The branches are closed

Lloyds has closed High Street stores when more customers are doing their banking through applications or the Internet.

This year, it targeted more than 60 branch offices, while in 2017 it shut down 54 Lloyds branches, 24 Bank of Scotland and 22 Halifax.

The lender has also created new jobs and this summer promised to invest £ 3 billion in technology and personnel training as part of a three-year plan to change business.

Between 3 months and 30 September, the Bank's total revenue rose to EUR 4.7 billion from EUR 4.6 billion on the previous year, and profit before taxes fell by 7% to GBP 1.8 billion.


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