Friday , June 18 2021

This is Samsung Galaxy S10 +, which we have been waiting for

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is the biggest step forward in smart phones for a long time, and these new concepts look to us what the cutting-edge S10 + phone might look like.

A new concept that works, has come under the 3D video below to show how good a new Galaxy S10 + could look. Based on rumors, this is amazing, perfect behind the quad cameras, a real untethered front panel that does not even hunt and of course so much rumored screen ultrasound fingerprint reader.

The front of the camera is built-in display with no need for edges. This is becoming a more general concept and can mean a leak of what the real thing might look like. This camera point is hardly noticeable, and certainly iPhone XS's look looks old and awkward in an instant.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 + concept

(Image: © TechConfigurations)

The use of 7nm processors is almost certain because Samsung has already begun to create just such central units for future phones. This means a great Super AMOLED QHD + screen, despite the proper battery life, despite the fact that it is a good battery life. It also needs to run a fast 5G network connection, which is also rumored for its debut in the Galaxy S10.

Samsung is expecting to launch the Galaxy S10 at the beginning of 2019.

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