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Demi Lovato returned to social media for the first time he had gone to rehab.

"Sober" singer took the Instagram Election Day on Tuesday to share the picture in order to vote, so that they could vote mid-way.

"I am so grateful that I am at home time to vote!" Lovato wrote. This is her first post as she thanked God for living and well three weeks after his apparent drug treatment 24. July.

The singer and actor used a forum to encourage their fans to use their right to vote: "One voice can make a difference, so make sure that the voice is … now go out and #VOTE !!!!"

Lovato is one of the many stars that fall into the polls.

Beyonce reflects the right to vote: "I am grateful to everyone before me, who have fought so hard, that we have the right to vote, we can not say turhautuneisuuksiamme and complain about what is not right to vote and exercising the power to make it right.."

He continued: "We need you, we need each other because when we are truly united, we can not be stopped by sending you all the love and the positive in this happy voting day!"

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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson used the midterms program as a second opportunity for poor comedian Kevin Hart: "Go out and vote, do not do it to me, do it for our kids."

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Chrissy Teigen may not have the "I Voted" label to prove, but the outspoken democrat elected his vote.

"I did, but I did not get the sticker because it was in the mail. Needless to say I'm not excited and feeling pretty little attention," a model that is one of President Donald Trump's greatest critics tweeted and added to him the senator, "Please terrible, that all future voters will get a label, so no one else can feel what I feel right now.

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Bon Jovi's front end Jon Bon Jovi got a sticker and blasted it proudly: "It's a day of election! Come out and vote."

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Rihanna, who recently smashed President Trump to play his single "Do not Stop the Music" in one of his "tragic" rallies, reminded voters of the word "whatever they are trying to". "Voting is really important, voting is closed at 7 pm and it's here," he added.

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Lady Gaga did likewise: "If you're in line, stay in line, every soundtrack!"

Justin Timberlake passed the line and sent a ballot by email: "My absent vote is … Make sure you vote on Tuesday! Remember: NO selfish vote."

Jada Pinkett Smith, Jennifer Garner and Camila Cabello picked up "I Voted" labels.

"Havana," the singer added: "I just feel that I am just voted, because it seems to me, that I take the best part of mental health, which takes place in our country and to turn to action!"

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Nick Jonas proudly shared "I voted!"

Alicia Keys "bow down (deep down) to" her ancestors who "fought and died and lived and survived and created everything we now have access to."

He continued: "We are proud that we would have a wild dream and we will not let you down! Let us stand, we are awake, conscious, growing and powerful! #Ivoted"

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Jake Gyllenhaal encouraged fans to "vote for change, sympathy, bias, wisdom".

He added: "Vote because you think the government is not doing you or is not like a good politician. Vote because you can, because we are fighting the rights by practicing them."

Oprah, who spent time in Georgia campaigning for a generous nominee Stacey Abrams, took her Instagram to continue her efforts at the "Vote" shirt: "Against resistance I hate … to vote for your love!"

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski fled the "Quiet Place" to say "#Vote"

Drew Barrymore gives her the "I Voted" label to make talk and put money if she is in her mouth. The reality stars followed by Kim Kardashian West and Kourtney Kardashian.

John Stamos said that the daylight saving time has ended from time to time to vote: "I am the first in line when the polls tomorrow to open the open – not only because it is the right way to do, but because this time the change is the devil got me up at 4."

Mindy Kaling thanked "the 14th and 19th amendments so that I could vote today!"

Diddy may be afraid of clowns but the hip-hop mafia (and family) will not be afraid of their vote: "Today is the day, do not let anything stop you from voting … Make a voice heard Every voice is heard #VoteOrDie"

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Reese Witherspoon has a question for you: "I voted! … What about you ?!"

"Late Night" host Seth Myers turned to the survey as a family case: "Our son was disappointed because he thought we were going to the boat, but by the way! #Vote"

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Amy Schumer, who announced his pregnancy in the congress and allied candidates list, has done #votewithus.

One day earlier, the comedian shared a video of the ultrasound, from which the citizens found their right place to vote.

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Rob Lowe told everyone "you vote for my conscience," but also hauntedly provided the latest news about Bella Hadid's model for consideration.

Olivia Wilde encouraged her fan "Go awesome and VOIT FRIGGIN FACE OFF!" (This Instagram post was not damaged.)

Wilde's mother, longtime journalist Leslie Cockburn, is a democratic candidate running to the fifth area of ​​Virginia.

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Mariska Hargitay followed the law and order in the vote. He has done: #ForThePeopleByThePeople and #WeCanFixIt.

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Gwyneth Paltrow got a vote and plans to "build a sticker all day", adds: "It's right not to take it for granted, so I did it at the beginning of the day."

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"This is Us" entertainment Mandy Moore wrote "I did it" in Instagram, blinking his vote: 100% more powerful than doing online.

He continued: "Now it's your turn Tuesday, June 11, #VOTE"

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Actor Cynthia Nixon, who successfully ran to the capital of New York, said "Voted because the patriarch does not intend to disband itself".

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus can only play vice president "President" in Veep, but the actress weighted on the muscles of the people on Tuesday: "Today is the day when we are a voter for change!"

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Kesha looked fierce in her patriotic make-up and told her "animals" that "I voted". He contained the hashtag # HereComesTheChange.

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Actor Elizabeth Banks expressed the enthusiasm "to see all #IVoted stickers today" GIF himself and John Michael Higgins "Pitch Perfect".

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Ethan Hawke does not seem to mind sharing his birthday in the middle. The actor said, "Birthday Catherine Deneuve, and most importantly, it's a poll date, I voted for absences, and if you need your voice, go to

Nicole Richie and her husband, Joel Madden, revealed their testimony of fulfilling their patriotic duties.

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