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Everyone knows Kim Porter, who died 47

Although Kim Porter was well known to Sean's "Diddy" Combs' former girlfriend and mother to her three children, she was also a successful model and actor.

On Thursday, Porter was found dead at home. He was 47. "Unfortunately, I can confirm Kim Porter's transition, and I ask you to give your family privacy at this time," Combs told PEOPLE.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office confirmed to PERSONS that the police officers responded to the death study at 11.38 am on Toluca, California, California, where they found a woman without answering the apartment. (They can not confirm the name of the deceased at this time.)

The cause of death is currently vague. According to an emergency call request from TMZ, the 911 call became a cardiac arrest. Although it is not yet clear what caused Parker's death, the source reported that he had been suffering from pneumonia for weeks.

Here are five things to know about the late star.

1. Porter had four children, one of whom supported a raise

Kim Porter and Sean Diddy Combs

Kim Porter and Sean "Diddy" Combs

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In 1998, Combs and Porter hoped for their first child – a boy named Christian Casey Combs. Nine years later Porter gave birth to twin girls, D & Lila Star and Jessie James Combs.

Porter is also the mother son of Quincy Brown, 27, from the previous relationship with music producer Al B. Sure. When Quincy was just 3 years old, Combs was in his hand raising him.

In 2017, Quincy reported that PEOPLE Combs is not just her father, she is also a "friend, teacher and therapist".

2. Porter and Combs stay close to sharing

Kim Porter and Sean Diddy Combs

Kim Porter and Sean "Diddy" Combs

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Ten years later, Porter and Combs called for it to end in 2007.

"When I decided on this, I made a decision that was for myself, Sean and the best of our family, and I look forward to moving my life and career and wish him wealth, health and happiness in life and love." We are still friends and we are committing to our parents, "said Porter.

In the same year, Porter revealed appearance that their relationship turned acidic after rumors appeared that Combs was born with the child's second wife. In 2006, Combs wished Sarah Chapman with daughter Chance.

Porter and Combs were able to correct their relationship and stay close to their children.

"I'm really blessed that I have some great, amazing relationships that have given me these kids from these very strong, intelligent, beautiful black women," she says. "My mothers [are] my best friend. The hat goes out to them, "Combs previously told people.

"We're friends. I am a person, which he can not tell his innermost thoughts and he is the person to me. He still calls me every day and we are talking about," Porter also told appearance.

Combs is the father of 24-year-old son Justin's ex-girlfriend Misa Hylton-Brim.

3. With her "mixed" family nail

In 2017 Porter shared a fresh picture of himself with his twin daughters who appeared with Combs and his former Chapman and their daughter Chance.

"Now we're here, #BlendedFamily #cantstopwontstop," Porter described the picture.

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4. Designing a Career

Kim Porter

Kim Porter

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Porter was born in Columbus, Georgia in 1971. Then 17 years later, he moved to Atlanta's career model. She had appeared in fashion shows and magazines, including appearance and jet.

5. Of his staff

The porter also had small roles in television programs such as Law, Wicked Wicked Games and VH1 One LadieShe also appeared Brothers and Mom, I want to sing, according to his IMDb release.

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