Thursday , March 4 2021

Haggis losing to the districts to open the other half of the season

All of them ahead of NFC East, Eagles returned bye week on Sunday night and put the egg at 27-20 losses at the Dallas Cowboys, continuing the season's long theme of slowly committing a crime, giving up too much defense and ultimately failed again to seize all the major moments falling for 4-5 seasons.

If this was supposed to be a "statement" of the game Eagles, it sent a disappointing message. Eagles, as they have shown throughout the year, not only play good football from top to bottom.

"No excuses, we have to win, it's a message," linebacker Nigel Bradham said. "We are disappointed. We had a short game that we need to win."

In the big picture, the loss is a tough one that wins. Eagles lost his third straight game at Lincoln Financial Field and hit New Orleans on Sunday with a high score of 8-1. They are two full games behind the US NFC Washington. Secondary is behind the three starting points when Ronald Darby (knee) left the game in the third quarter to join passive startups Jalen Mills (foot) and Sidney Jones (hamstring). The right tackle Lane Johnson (knee) was passive and the offense was late.

More than the familiar problems again stole Eagles. They have not corrected any mistakes that have been present throughout the season. It paid for them to lose the most beautiful pain.

1. The first half breach resulted in all three points and 132 domain names. And when Eagles picked up momentum in the second half, the fact team was still scored just 20 points. During the season, when teams collectively scored points, Eagles averaged 22 points, which is placed at the bottom of the league. The running game received only 71 meters in 16 companies. National Chief Carson Wentz put in some great numbers – he completed 32 of 44 for 360 meters and two touch points, but he also threw a precious early kidnapping and was just a little bit off a few throws, especially in the red zone, to open the broad end of the receiver at Alshon Jeffery zone in the third quarter.

2. Even with the addition of a large Golden Tate recipient, the Eagles overtaking game was Zach Ertz-centric, as it was targeted 16 times for 14 additions, 145 meters and two touchdowns. Ertz was fantastic. But outside receivers did not have exploding clips, except for the 51-meter island of Nelson Agholor from Wentz. Aghelor got five passes of 83 meters, Jeffery had four receptions at 48 meters, and Tate was quiet with two catches of 19 meters. Jordan Matthews had a strong game early and he took all three goals to 40 meters and the first three downhill.

3. Defense No. 2 defense was burned 171 meters, of which 151 out of 19 was Ezekiel Elliott. Too many mistakes – lacking, weak points, and defeat in defeat by the assault – paid for the defense of all the game. And late in the game, the Cowboys came down on the field to two assets when Eagles joined the game in the 13-13 year end of the third quarter and drove 75 yards into nine games to take 20-13 lead from the Elliott 7 -Patch-catch-and-run from Defender Dak Prescott and then drive 75 yards eight plays and scoring Elliott 1-court touch screen to go ahead with good with 3:19 left in the game.

"We just do not work," security Malcolm Jenkins said. "We did not get out of the field, it was a disappointing performance around."

It did not help Eagles to play in the fourth quarter with Rasul Douglas and Chandon Sullivan when Darby went out. Prescott was shot four times, but he did not threaten at all – except for an early shot that Kamu Grugier-Hill had a chance to capture in the Dallas area – and made 26 out of 36 of 270 columns. Eagles played a soft blanket and gave Cowboys the chance to convert 8 16 thirds downhill.

Elliott was at his best on Sunday night, but he also ran through the gapless holes, off the defenders and in one case jumped for the safety of Tre Sullivan for a great run.

"He is one of the best players in the league and he called tonight," said defensive tackle Fletcher Cox, who was quietly in the field of three goals and one of the center players rushed. "I feel that we played our best in defense, and we did not just defend our defense."

4. Special teams did not escape guilty either. A well-executed short click when Dallas lined up in fourth and two games led Cowboys down the first and kept running alive in the second quarter that led to Dallas Field's goal. It was a drive, otherwise it showed how much defense difficulties had come from the field. Dallas drove 64 yards in 14 games and consumed 8:09 clock.

5. After that, when the field strength of victory gave Cowboy It put themselves 6-0 in the second quarter, the Eagles responded by Jake Elliott's 56-yard, but the defense failed at the end of the first half when the Cowboys drove 75 meters in eight plays only 1:14 to lead 13-3 at halftime.

In many ways, the losses of Cowboys depicted the seasonal problems that Eagles had had. The crime was 20 points – Eagles has won 18, 21, 20, 23, 21, 34, 17, 24 and 20 points this year – and does not do anything easy for themselves. The defense did not succeed in eliminating football because of the year-long problem.

And the Eagles are 4-5, watching in Washington hard seven games to go for the season.

"We have to continue the game and hope that we will turn things around," Agholor said. "It's a terrible feeling right now, but we have to continue the fight."

Things can get in the way of a hurry, but eagles are disruptively in line with their inconsistencies this year. Team is what its record says, right? And 4-5, writing is on the wall: Eagles has a lot of healing, and not much time to do it.

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