Richard Sherman "disappointed" Ruby Foster's poor end with 49


TAMPA, Fla. – Very soon, the former 49ers linebacker, Reuben Foster, and his re-re-girlfriend, Elissa Ennis, had been in the other home country event a month ago.

A previously unknown incident was reported to the Santa Clara police department in October, San Francisco Chronicle reported on Sunday from two sources, and the newspaper later received additional information from the police on Captain Wahid Kazemin.

Captain Kazem told Chronicle that one of the neighbors' neighbors called the police on October 12 when Foster and Ennis were a tough argument. It started with Foster's cell phone finds by police, telling the couple how to solve a peaceful situation and did not make any arrests.

The police made a report and called it a domestic disorder for the Chronicle. They also took pictures and recorded the video even though they did not see signs of injury on either party.

"We are going to see Mr Foster's employer, and such events will come out and work safely," Kazem told Chronicles.

Ennis is the same woman who accused Foster of domestic violence in February in Los Gatos and Saturday night in Tampa. Foster was arrested after both events.

The 49ers spokesman told NBC Sports Bay Arey that the organization did not know any other event.

49ers said on Sunday morning that they release Foster, who spent the night at Hillsborough County's prison in Tampa. Move the left prison after Sunday afternoon after sending a $ 2,000 bond

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49ers coach Kyle Shanahan and CEO John Lynch said Foster failed to live the standard they set for him.

"Too much has happened and we have been trying to help him a lot," Shanahan said. "I know he's been trying too, but this was a mess that does not matter whether he did it or not. It's time to move on."

When asked about a terrible event that led to 49ers fussing the Foster event on Saturday, Shanahan said, "I think everyone has a few things but nothing like this."

Foster was jailed on Saturday night in team selection. Ennis told the police that Foster hit the phone with his hand, pushed him to the chest and hit him with his open hand to the left of his face. According to the police report, officials found a scratch of one centimeter in the left bones of Ennis.

In February, Ennis told Los Gatos officials that Foster had beaten him eight to ten times. Foster was originally charged with crimes against domestic violence, criminal threats and possession of weapons.

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Judge dismissed charges of domestic violence on May 23, as the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office did not show enough evidence to continue the case.

Ennis, 28, testified during an initial hearing that he lied in his statements to researchers at a cost to Foster who told him that he wanted to share with him.

As for the motive behind Foster's accusation, Ennis said to the witness: "I went to his ward."


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