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Symbiosis: Help me, I'll help you

Today, it is said Win-Win referring to a state that provides benefits to all parties. Biologists, this concept is known for a long time. They call it a symbiosis.

Scientists have some form of purpose for identified communities. So, there are thimble crabs in the case Anemones are set. Keep the cancer enemies before eating, but they carry them to feed. Also famous is a clown fish, for example Living live between anemone poisonous sting cells and are fish from safe robberies. Correspondingly, fish with tidbits and oxygen provide plenty of water.

It is exciting for such communities of life, especially the issue of evolution. How did you develop the community?

crabs defend coral reefs against attack of snails symbiosis crabs defend coral reefs as a snail against invasion

Scientists from the Chicago Science Museum have investigated this issue of ants and plants. Millions of years ago, animals used plants, originally only as food sources. Later, special features were created in the case of plants, the ants pull or selectively hold.

Some of the current types of honey hide behind the slave, or drink juices, nectar and other plants: plants are fighting again with ants pests or giving seeds from small insects to divide.

but when this symbiotic relationship, the field scientists asked. "It was a chicken or egg issue," says author Richard Ree. "It all started with ants who have developed practices in order to benefit from plants or to develop plant structures to make ants?"

The researchers reviewed more than 1730 species of bird species and more than 10,000 plant species. You are drunk when certain characteristics of ants and plants appeared.

Video: A hanging bridge made of thousands of ants

Video Julio Diaz Orias

showed an analysis that, above all, a prey project began by farmers' ants to climb and conquer plants and habitat. Then some species began planting for use as a source of food. This happened in the Lower Serpent, part of the country's history, which began 145 million years ago and 100 million years ago ended.

Later, towards the end of the crackers, put some species to focus on their lives on plants and put their nest. Most of these adjustments, however, came about later, in Cenozoic, researchers write in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. It started 66 million years ago when the dinosaurs died and continue until today.

The study revealed that the plants developed the special features the ants will benefit later. Nectar's glands appeared in a later snake, but especially in cocoons. Special hiding places Ant – Domatia – recently appeared.

To increase the type of ants, the use of plants is not or only temporarily, the researchers write. "We can not see any part of the tree that depends on the food or habitat of the plant, the faster or faster the fans grow out as part of the family tree, without these species," says Nelsen.

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