From the 1990's, Shadow Creek Golf Course hosted the hand-a-mano series between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson on the day after Thanksgiving, covered with mystique and concealed as a secret.

From the eye-to-eye price – anywhere from $ 45 million to $ 60 million – its location in the Mojave Desert 15 miles north of the Las Vegas Strip, prestigious high roll customer base, industry captains, sports icons and stars Silver Screen, Shadow Creek quickly became a bucket list dream to anyone who is attached the rope to the ground.

In the mouth of this word this fascinating golf course near the city, which has never been subtle and lives and breathes luxury, has drawn the hearts of golfers globally.

Woods was one of those who once thought of, and dropped the days until he came to a fixed time a few years before his red shirt began to mean something on Sundays.

"For the first time I played, I met Elizabeth Taylor at the age of 17. That kind of jammed because you do not meet such people when you're small," said Woods, who later learned that Pop's late King, Michael Jackson, near the 17th hole waterfall down green.

On active days George H.W. Bush was a member and he had a fishing ball along the storage compartment as he often tried his luck in the rivers, lakes and streams of the course. Former presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush are closed to club houses, as did Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, John Elway and Derek Jeter, and Sylvester Stallone and Matt Damon.

The course has not lost its glamor, glitz or pearls since its inauguration, and Woods and Mickelson deserve the legitimate place to focus on The Match. It's a great battle for a big bout between the best players of this generation and the big stars. It's a man's miracle made of the treasures of nature that challenges both players and dreams of spectators.

"When I played for the first time in the early 90's, there was nothing about the property, it was all desert, and in the middle of it was Shadow Creek, an oasis in the middle of the desert, a wonderful miracle," Mickelson said. "It's a stunning golf course. It's not just aesthetically beautiful, it has incredible risk-premium holes with plenty of birdie and eagle opportunities.

"There are some holes that favor me, and there are some holes that favor Tiger, and it speaks in the design of beauty."

Shadow Creek rose from the fruitful imagination of Steve Wynn, whose foresight helped to change the Strip's current style. Shadow Creek emerged from the well-known architect Tom Fazion's handicrafts, who had received an order to build a golfer without any restrictions on their price tag.

"Steve said he wanted to build a golf course as good as anything else in the world, and when I saw this land, I thought he was crazy," Fazio said. "But what I wanted to do, so did I."

His work was to create an environment in which there was not only a 350 hectare of dead, deserted desert. Fazio and his builder started the change by digging 50 meters into the earth's chips – about 3 million cubic meters of dirt were excavated. This enabled Fazion to turn to hills and canyons. Massive mining also produced enough dirt to create a bermi around the property to keep the sun in the eyes of the players. Instead, majestic mountain villages are scared away.

About 20,000 more than 200 species of wood were imported and form a lush forest everywhere in the property that shields the shade of emerald and green, waterfalls, creeks, ponds, creeks, lagoons and lakes. The forests are so thick that no holes are visible.

There is also a lively vegetation in a unique environment; vibrant multihued flower decorations; and exotic birds such as swans and blue crowns, 6-legged sticks, rabbits and other animals. In the ninth issue, there is even a red telephone box in London.

"It's a fun place, we've had great games," Woods said. "And the landscape is unbelievable, you think you are in North Carolina or something, or Colorado with mountains and pines and waterfalls." What Steve Wynn did is not a miracle. "

After a dramatic renovation in 2006 that drifted off the track, extended it and expanded some more green for pin-placement, the par 72 design could tilt to 7,560 meters. Although each hole could be the signature holes in the course, those that may prove to be crucial in the match are the 553-yard, the par-5 quarter, aware of Augusta National's historic 13; 409 yard, par-4 ninth; and two closure holes – 164 yard, downhill, par-3 17 and 564 yard, water purified par-5 18th.

"I think the par-3s are the key," said Mickelson, who kept the course record before Woods preferred to 61, after which Fred Couples agreed.

Dustin Johnson has a record 65 years after reconstruction. "All holes are important, but the par-3s are crucial, because most likely we have some of the closest races," added Mickelson. "If that happens, more weight is emphasized in these holes."

For ten years, only Shadow Creek invitation could be played. But since 2000 when Wynn sold its holdings to MGM Resorts International, anyone can play the course. It's a great price – you have to stay at MGM Las Vegas, and the green fee is $ 500 plus a mandatory mandatory piece.

The three-day great champion Jordan Spieth said that it is worth considering.

"Shadow Creek I was amazed the first time, the player, and I've played it a few times, and you're still amazed," he said. "It's just an incredible golf experiment, one of the tops I've ever had in the country.

"I like holes, you have a practical par-4s and you have a long track, green areas are complicated and very challenging, you can score the course, but it's also a legitimate challenge.

"Par-3 17 is only 9-iron, but a small green is surrounded by water, and par-5 has water to play, so yes, you can make Kotka, but you can easily make a stomach."

Competition, page bets, Woods and Mickelson cards emphasize pay-per-view technology. Like Shadow Creek.

"One unique thing about this is drone coverage," Mickelson said. "We have different views of each shot that you can not do with 150 friends, but you can do two friends, this includes the course, you get better viewing views of what players are meeting and who are looking at the course, and of course, believe me. "

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