Wednesday , June 16 2021

Vance Joseph "disappointed" in comments by Demaryius Thomas – ProFootballTalk

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Vance Joseph does not want to go to what he said / she said with Demaryius Thomas. Highway, Broncos coach admitted that he was "disappointed" with the former receiver's comments on Orange and Blue AM-760 earlier this week.

Thomas did more than just dump when he left Denver after Sunday's return.

Among other things, the current Texans receiver accused Joseph of having trained in commercial rumors and criticizing Joseph for not accepting the player's input for callback requests. Thomas also referred to the captain's vote because he was not chosen.

"No. 1, we have great respect for DT," said Joseph at a press conference on Wednesday, Mike Klisin, via Denver 9News. "Actually, John [Elway], [receivers coach] Zach [Azzanni] and all the guys who were involved in this article, I think I could say, or conversation, respectfully D.T.

"It is the first. I think, secondly, I am disappointed to read these things about how he remembers conversations. It was apparently a week and a half, when the rumors and gossip flowing, and we talked about the rumors and gossip. Until something happened, we all had to focus on making work and winning football, it was my down-stream that was discussed.

"I am disappointed with the way he remembers it, but once again honor the DT He was a great player here, and we honored him on Sunday we won the game; he won the game I think this is a little bit of frustration for him, but I am disappointed… , where did it come from, because I do not remember that it was discussed like that. And that's OK.

"One last thing: We have to move forward His need to move, and we have to move forward, he is no longer a Bronco, and I can not spend any troubling As for the stuff to read, I am disappointed that it was presented in this way I really am….. "

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