Sunday , August 1 2021

0-2. Leones del Caracas utilizes the Águilas del Zulia University

Photo: @ugilasdelzulia

(Caracas, Nov. 7 – News24) .- He lives in the capital's university campus the third controversy between Águilas del Zulia and Leones del Caracas.

Karvainen took the lead in the second game with Harold Ramírez's solo physician and put the ball 0-1.

At the bottom of the third row, Tovar, with one shot in the middle, with which Reyes got on the plate and added 0-2.

Line Up Eagles

Castle – 2B

Polo – CF

Tables – RF

Pérez – BD

Oduber – LF

Giménez – 1B

González – 3B

Álvarez – C

Arteaga – SS

Duran – P

Line Up Leones

Reyes – CF

Tovar – SS

Gutiérrez – LF

Ramírez – RF

Castro – 2B

Guzmán – BD

Tejeda – 1B

Cabrera – C

Rondón – 3B

López – P

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