Sunday , March 7 2021

Aaron Jones Green Bay Packers is Colossus on week 10

For the time being, for the first time, the campaign leader has not appeared on the weekly highlights. It is not the case that game builders were not good performances, but there was really nothing at the Sunday session. Instead, runners came back to give notes with circular performances to a number of teams that won profits:

There is nothing sweeter than revenge, and for Jones this happened this weekend.

The Green Bay runner was held responsible, almost separately, by losing the last day of the New England Patriot, a very unusual loose ball that captured Packers and Aaron Rodgers the chance to try a last-minute return.

It seems that this is not enough, Packers has recently disconnected players who have made obvious mistakes in recent days. This was also the case when a man ran back to Ty Montgomery sold in Baltimore Ravens when he picked up the end of the game instead of the retired game field and not the safety of Jermaine Whitehead, who kept the series alive. Pats Grace, who hit New England's offensive line, earned a childish yellow handkerchief.

Jones had the opportunity to redeem himself this weekend, and he clamped it in full: he pulled the ball 15 times 145 yards and two goals and got three passes 27 yards to win Green Bay in Miami Dolphins. , 31-12.

Green Bay still lacks to win the competitor's tag. They are ranked third in NFC North, under Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings. Jones's consistent earth would be a big help in the second half of the season.

Now, there is no time to cast the bells during the Green Bay campaign and we will not dump Jones next into Jim Taylor. But the best game in the Jones season can be a snack what can come if the Packers learn to be a little less dependent on Rodgers.

Everyone suggests that Green Bay fans have already given Aaron Jones an apology last week. AP Photo


Nick Chubb, RB, Cleveland Browns: One after Hue Jackson's dismissal of new questions about local sports clubs was Cleveland could win again in the season. The answer turned out to be positive, thanks largely to Chubb, a runner who had little chance under Jackson. Tonight, Rookie carried the ball 20 times 176 yards away and scored 33 meters in the second match, combined with a good player Baker Mayfield in favor of Browns to win Atlanta 28 to 16 holes. Chubb's ongoing contact with a 92-yard vacation is now the longest in franchise history.

Eric Ebron, TE, Indianapolis Colts: There is no doubt who Colts' favorite goal is in the end zone. Ebron got three passes for 69 yards with two goals and made the ball once in the yard. Indy 29-26 won Jacksonville Jaguars once a fierce defense. AFC South's balance is disturbed, favorite Jaguars are in the basement and other teams are struggling to reach the odd mixture.

Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Dallas Cowboys: As much as Dallas's offensive playwrights look again whenever they win, there's no secret in Dallas: to win, you have to constantly feed Elliott. Visiting defensive Super Bowl champion Philadephia Eagles, Elliott walked the ball 19 times 151 yards and the match, and added six catches to the other 36 yards with the second match. And for those who like postcards, Elliott gave us a moment of photography to jump into defensive Tre Sullivan, who will surely become a poster. Now, it's just that geniuses in the long pants understand what other fans in Dallas know too well.

Do not look at it now, but Melvin Gordon and Chargers already have 7-2. AP Photo

Melvin Gordon, RB, Los Angeles Downloaded: For the second consecutive day Gordon returns to this list. In this situation, bolt 20-6 defeated Oakland's Raiders, who seem to be increasingly sunk in their own black hole. Gordon led the ball 18 times 93 meters away, but he also took part in 72 yards and in the five finals of the match to keep the Chargers six-game winning streak alive.

Tyreek Hill, WR, Kansas City Chiefs: I could not miss the week's Kansas City event, and with this number at Hill's turn, she raised her hand and said her presence. Seven predators of 117 meters and two touch moves as well as a 20-yard grounded Hill helped to increase Chiefs' 26-14 victory over Arizona cardinals that resisted more than expected early this year. .

LeSean McCoy, RB, Buffalo bills: One day, surprises, perhaps the biggest, were between the two New York East AFC teams, where Bills somehow managed to score 41 points to beat New York Jets. The most important winner, not underestimated what Buffalo's new defender Matt Barkley did, was McCoy. A runner who collected 113 yards and two trips with 26. His first score was a 28-yard break that opened the scoring and set the pace and the other closed the game less than a minute before the end of the first half in the 1-yard, which set things 31 to 0 at a time.

Allen Robinson, WR, Bear: When he did not have two days of trouble with her, Bearsa was asked to drop back to Robinson and the recipient replied. Six receive space 133 yards and two of the three touchscreens Mitchell Trubisky set for the day, Robinson could not have returned to Chicago for a better time. Bears defeated Detroit Lion 34-22 to 6-4 and remain AFC North.

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