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Child's obesity and overweight: responsibility for adults chronicle

Gabriel Arias

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One of the problems that hinder the world for adults and children and which is growing alarmingly is obesity and overweight childhood because they are epidemics that only 30% of school-aged people and 6% suffer from obesity in our country. And its consequences are terrible because they can lead to chronic, non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, or cardiovascular disease.

That's why the doctor
Victoria Falcón (Pediatrician and M.N. 140452):
"It is important to encourage a healthy life based on good nutrition and physical activity." In terms of food, children's habits are not highly recommended, as only 17.6 percent of children and girls 13 to 15 years consumes 5 daily doses of fruits and vegetables, and half of the population ages 2 or more sugary drinks per day. Childhood is the best time to convey child habits that promote healthy adults ".

Food Tips

Foods can be found in things that help children like:

To prioritize homemade food: Processed foods are attractive products for children's attractive packaging and marketing strategies. Taste is achieved with large increases in salt, sugar and fat in foods, stimulating substances in the human palate. Many times sugar is not among the ingredients, but if you are looking for others to look like corn syrup, dextrose and glucose. A process-based product loses much of its nutrients and is compensated by dyes, flavor enhancers, preservatives, vitamins and synthetic nutrients. This way, it can be promoted with plenty of calcium and vitamins and product durability is achieved without compromising on quality. When buying food, you should read the ingredient tags and bring them with the smallest additives. Homemade food is excellent, especially because it has been used in ingredients and raw materials used in the register, while controlling the use of salt, sugar and fat in the diet.

Adding water consumption: Juices and soft drinks are high sugar sugars, even sweeteners, which, if used more than suggested, can cause long-term adverse effects. If the split is removed, the child has eaten more sugar or sweeteners than recommended at the end of the day. Drinking juice from time to time (compressed) can be considered healthy by its contribution to vitamins. However, the best way to utilize the benefits of fruit is to eat them altogether, but you have to prioritize water, which is the liquid that best hydrates all.

Assemble Balanced Sheets: Dropping only one type of food, one type of plant or fruit or one kind of meat restricts the intake of nutrients. Each food offers a different type and amount of vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids. The more diversified the diets, the greater the diversity of the nutrients and the density are involved. For parts, the key is to adjust the amounts and respect the child's fullness, avoid eating without appetite and incorporating the perception of restraint.

moderation: There are no prohibited foods, because moderately everything can be consumed. Children's occasional candy, juices or chocolate do not change their long-term healthy habits. To enjoy some of these occasional tastes in your home, it will make your children despair for refreshments, juices, snacks, treats at birthdays or celebrations.

Greater exercise

However, these eating habits must be monitored by physical activity, as the National Health and Health Council of the Ministry of Health confirmed that 83% of Argentinean youth are not sufficiently active. Therefore, exercise is recommended for the child's age.

Children under the age of 6: The free play time matches physical activity, ideally outdoors in squares and parks.

Children between 6 and 12 years of age: It is a moment of sport start-up in a relaxed environment because action must be fun and enjoyable, not necessarily a formal training program. Adjusting the sound through the gaming method allows for longer activity and performs more exercises without fatigue. It is the stage where you need to work by acquiring and improving motor skills and coordination, so it is advisable to try different sports (without competing spirit) to acquire different skills.

Children over 10-12 years old: competitive sports can be started, in the age of the child and in the physical condition frame. The groups are very comfortable at this stage, which makes it easier to stick.


While some tips were told during eating, what to eat from time to time, how much quantity and homemade food to be prioritized from "outside" is another key point in trying to improve the quality of life of a boy and is dealing with what foods are recommended to them.

A) Most of the container surface must be covered with vegetables, preferably raw, but can be eaten cooked, fried, with white sauce or mixed.

B) A quarter of the plate is attached to the protein involved, which may be beef, chicken, pork or fish or eggs, the other option being vegetable proteins such as quinoa, legumes and soybean derivatives.

C) The fourth remaining vessel is a complex hydrate, such as brown rice, legumes, sweet potatoes, potatoes or pasta.

D) Finally, a fat source such as vegetable oil, avocado, nuts or olives is added.

E) At breakfast and snacks you can have toast, homemade biscuits or unsweetened cereals with yogurt, cheese or eggs and fruit.

Keys better understand

1) In our country, 30% of school-age children are overweight and 6% obese.

2) Its consequences are serious because they can lead to chronic, non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, or cardiovascular disease.

3) Only 17.6% of 13-15 year olds use 5 daily doses of fruits and vegetables.

4) It is recommended to give preference to homemade food, to increase water consumption, to the size of balanced foods and to reasonable food.

5) Physical activity should be supplemented by good nutrition, even though doctors should check the children before the start of the sport.

6) 83% of Argentinean youth is not sufficiently active.

7) The recommended diet is vegetables, fruits, legumes, chicken, beef, pork or fish, carbohydrates and some fat source.

8) Adults are required to monitor children to steal good habits.

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