Correo del Caroní – Las Águilas came to sail for the wind


Maracaibo.- The weekend series between Águilas del Zulia and Bravos de Margarita was an extreme battle between the two teams who made every effort to win, but the raptors ruled on Sunday Sunday and won the "Great" Maracaibo at 5-4 Luis Aparicio Stadium.

The game was for anyone, but in eighth Humberto Arteaga was hit by three, and José Tabata then thrashed the victim to fly to the left.

"We have managed to win the game and I felt a bit under pressure, but with experience in the league I knew what to do, it was a difficult pitcher (Rick Teasley) but I trusted in my hand," Tabata told the IVC channel. "It was like a cutter that I went looking forward, and I also have to thank the audience who supported us until the last moment."

During the Carlos García match, Reiner Roibal sent an uncontrollable ball and allowed the islanders to open the scoring second leg to the top.

Later in the same episode Raptors said they were present and with Jairo Pérez's second home visit they were placed three times to have a couple of runners in motion when the gardener returned perfectly.

The visitors reduced the result slightly, as in the next chapter Daniel Mayora fought twice, but when the highway collapsed, Olmo Rosario was down from the front.

Careo was a shot and give me both novenas because a quarter of the locals put the score of the fourth spot, one in the middle of rookie surfer Alejandro Salazar, who sent Alberto Gonzalez the score from the middle.

However, in the fifth round, neoespartanos meant equality, exploiting small plays and mistakes in making a competitor.

First, Rosario sacrificed himself to the ball, and Elvis Araujo was in the lead, so Carlos García stepped into the deck. Then Mayora failed again with a double slaughter, but returned to parity on the board.

In the ninth came Jeffeson Medina to stop the game and while the man was the basis, play a luxurious defensive condemned the game. Eduardo Paredes won and Teasley killed.


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