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Exchange rate Venezuela It rose this Friday after Venezuelan central bank lawyers said they had tried to reach an agreement with the opposition to buy vaccines with funds in the UK, but stressed that opponents refused to accept the proposal.

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17.42 (time in Venezuela) price price dollar it was traded 1,660,824.38 according to the portal, sovereign bolivar DolarToday.

BCV lawyers said in a statement that in December they asked for support from the caretaker government of the central bank appointed by opposition leader Juan Guaidó to transfer about $ 120 million to the International Vaccine Alliance (GAVI). In a London court as a result of a gold exchange.

The BCV government, appointed by President Nicolás Maduro, has tried to transfer money that is in the UK. In May 2020, it asked the Bank of England to sell some of the gold to use the funds for the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

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The authorities of the British institution refused and BCV brought an action, which has since initiated a legal dispute between the Guaidó Group and Maduro in the London courts over the issuer’s precious metals held by the Bank of England. for the remainder of the gold exchange.

A government team appointed by Guaidó “has refused to engage in constructive discussions with BCV’s attempts to facilitate access to vaccines for the Venezuelan people,” Zaiwalla & Co. said. in the statement of the company.

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