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Electronic Arts Defends Calling Boxes to "Surprise Mechanics"


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The controversy surrounding the sad robbery boxes in video games he is still talking. Company Electronic Arts He appeared in the UK Digital Affairs, Culture, Media and Sports Committee to defend our business model we saw Battlefront IIwhere they claimed that this was "surprise mechanics" with ethical values.

Representatives of both EA from Epic Games in the aforementioned Parliament it was stated that they announced the reasons for both companies to implement the calls for proposals robbery boxes in their games. If it is Epic Games, for use during the game Fortnite.

Kerry Hopkins of EA He commented that they didn't call them robbery boxes as such, they are called "surprise mechanics". He compares them to toys or figures sold in any store where the product is a mystery, and you notice what character you touched after opening. He pointed out that consumers were surprised and that the mechanics were treated during the game. In fact, the way in which Ultimate Team packages are used FIFA It claims to be dynamic because fans like the surprises they have about ethical values.

He also denied that they were considered as a betting mechanism or that they led to the entry of young people into the betting world. This is one reason why it is forbidden in Belgium and the Netherlands. This can, of course, lead to the creation of compulsive purchases that the user wants to come out of some of the packages sold separately in the digital stores of games.

Do you think these gaming mechanisms are justified or should be removed from the industry? Each time more countries analyze their morale. Fortunately, it seems that more and more games are avoiding loot boxes.


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