Five WhatsApp features to help you get the most out of it


We'll show you five WhatsApp features to help you get the most out of your messaging software around the world.

Since Facebook, the current owner of WhatsApp, has updated the application, the functions of the communications network have become more diversified. You can edit conversations, highlight posts, and disable or enable automatic downloads.

Manage contact information
To improve interaction, the app offers several options to help you edit, prioritize, and view your contact information.

Make sure your contacts have more interaction, either by switching between text messages, pictures, or videos, go to the settings and select "storage". From there, a subscribed list of contact information is displayed according to the number of data exchanged, which is detailed when selecting a contact.

You can also edit the way you are notified of the activity of each conversation with "personal notifications". This option allows you to customize shade, light and vibration. AGENCY / ET


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