Cables are very practical and allow connect the devices swap files quickly but do without them It is very useful because we do not have to carry them with us always.

thank you permanent connection from any of the current equipment or a computer via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection through which Android smartphone and PC: Connecting or Mac is easier than ever, official or third-party applications.

One example keep in mind Join Easy, a free solution that is installed on your Android and Mac or PC in Windows or Linux environments that allows you to perform various tasks such as file exchange or clipboard content.

You can also install it as a plugin for your Firefox, Chrome, or Opera browser.

Connected immediately

The thought behind Join Easy is to use the internal network of home or workplace anywhere, so that different devices understand each other, just as when multiple computers to the LAN.

The process is as simple as installing an application on both devices and one of them to start the connection. Its benefits are possible merge into two or more gadgets at a time.

On the other hand, our Android smartphone will help us remote control plays video or music, but we can also send or receive files that we stay on the Android device or on a PC or Mac, all without cables and without any additional software, just EasyJoin.

Other interesting features are those that involve manage your smartphone from your PC to either answer a call, receive text messages or view alerts even if we have a phone off our vision.

In this respect, Join Easy it reminds us of similar popular applications, such as AirDroid or AirMore, even though its appearance or interface is less restrictive.

Choose three versions

EasyJoin PC or Mac version is unique, but Android has three versions depending on what you need all its functions.

EasyJoin Go and EasyJoin Essential they are free and they use file exchange in the first case and exchange files but also posts, links, notifications, and clipboard element elements for the Essential version.

The most complete version, EasyJoin Pro, must be paid. In addition to its functions, all the above mentioned factors also allow send a text message from the PC, manage calls, synchronize the clipboard automatically, and manage your device remotely.

Practical and safe?

I've talked about how easy and practical Easy Join is, but surely you think, whether it is safe to use this app?

The answer is yes. First, the exchange of files and other content between the devices takes place through point-specific encryption.

On the other hand, it is possible to create a fast access point and private so that external connections are not secured.

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