Friday , March 5 2021

The Czech Republic gets its eleventh name thanks to Siniakova's victory

Kenya, 52 worlds and Siniakova (31), did not manage the first round of service, and at the end this part was the Czech beneficiary.

The American had succeeded in repeating the act by breaking into Siniakova's seventh match. At that time, both players were at risk when a tennis ball was in the middle of a rectangle that waited for the opponent's mistakes (15 forced Czech failures for 17 Americans).

In the third series, the American lost his first service and started complaining of his discomfort in his left thigh, which required the action of the massoid to put him in bondage.

In the future, Ken managed to raise the 4-1 indirect stake and went ahead with the two match balls he did not know when making use of, while Siniakova trusted in long stock markets pending an uncompromising mistake by his competitor.


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