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The first astronaut woman describes details of her space-based experiences

Wendy Lawrence was never meant to be a hero, but she is. At age 59, this delicate and affectionate astronaut can proudly be confident that he was the first woman to graduate from the US Naval Academy that arrived in space.

With her silent voice, Lawrence says he can leave the Earth four times. Dream awakened her at the age of 10 and she was able to face 33 when she was elected by NASA. From there, he started the race "towards the stars" where he recorded over 1200 hours in space.

His ability led him to be one of the chosen coordinators of the first flight after the explosion of the Columbus shuttle, a tragedy that pulled the lives of seven astronauts in 2003 and questioned the security of space traffic.

Were you always dreaming of being an astronaut?

Yes. Since I was 10-years old, I'm relatively old, I got to see Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to the moon, and it was the day when the dream began to be an astronaut.

How do you feel to see these known places on earth in space? and have environmental damage been detected there?

It is a view which is never ever tire, the country is very beautiful planet, and it seems that every time you fly you have the opportunity to see something that you have not seen before, I have seen the eruption, the northern and southern lights is always fun to see from above the place you've been visiting here on earth.

With regard to injury, we can see the gradual effect, see all the damage we make to our planet, all the trees that are not; My first flight was in 1995, my last flight was in 2005 and I could see the impact of defamation on Amazon, Madagascar, so it is sad to see how negative people have been on the planet.

To see this effect, do you see that you change your perspective?

Of course, yes. It is clearer to those of us who have seen the earth from above that we have to take care of this planet.

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Does it make any Earth in space?

Not much (laughs). The way a shuttle program works is that every task has so many things that you have to do, that you are always busy, and you do not have much time to think about what strange things are on earth.

I suspect that if I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time on the space station, I suddenly miss ice cream, smell fresh air or smells of rain. But I never lost ground when I was in space operations, when the planet goes through the window, you forget nothing.

How long have you been preparing for an astronaut?

When you have chosen NASA, you are not yet an astronaut, you are an astronaut candidate, and then I want to tell the kids: "We have to go to the astronautics school", so it was about fifteen months when I had to learn from the Space Station and then train for shuttle trips; or less per year.

The astronauts now selected have to learn from a space station that is a very complicated profession, but their initial preparation is two years. If they have been successfully completed, they have been named astronauts and have to be certified as such. That means tasks can go. The training is about three years.

What was it like to take part in the first operation after the explosion in Columbia?

I think all the crew members were very honored to be assigned a task; We had a great responsibility and we decided to do our best to show that it would be safe to fly again. Because we knew that the STS 107 mission would have wanted.

We also did it for their families so they know that we are going to work on a program where their loved ones worked hard. They considered it important that people were in space; We wanted to get up and demonstrate that people's security could continue.

How do you think women are currently in positions that are predominantly male?

If you look at the last candidate categories selected by NASA, the 2013 category, 50% of women, category 2017, I think five women were chosen, then there are important presentations.

We are talking about the fact that 50 percent have been women in the last classes of astronauts, and there are women who are leaders or air traffic controllers, currently the possibilities are basically the same.

What do they do in their spare time in space?

See the stars through the window. We can float, we do not have the earth's electromagnetic field, so imagine that just let your body go in the air, it's just an incredible feeling to fly if you want and we enjoy that we do not have to fight against gravity.

Do you feel people have lost interest or curiosity about space?

Yes, but it is because they are far from what has been done when people have access to the experiences that make it possible for Kennedy Space Center, for example, to leave some excitement or astonishment. It is an exciting experience when they testify of their first missile or hear the take-off tones, feel their power and see how it opens into space.

Man has to dream about what he does not know what he does not see in the end with the universe, but with the astronaut with whom he dreams?

I was very privileged to achieve my dream, and many people helped me along the way, this is not a dream that is easy to do alone, it starts with a school that has good teachers who believe in you, your parents, relatives, friends.

You will encounter my life and think of all the people who helped you along the way, and you know in your heart the obligation to do the same. I have met many young children who have had the same dream, and if I can inspire them a little bit, give them confidence and that saying "yes I could, they" may feel that they can follow askeleitani. I do not think there is another dream that can be compared, even though I still want to go to the moon (laughs), what I dreamed of when I walk on the moon.

Kennedy Space Center Guest Complex

The Kennedy Space Center, located in Caño Canaveral, is the launch of rocket and inspiration.

A place filled with magic that makes traveling from experience to Mars real. There Lawrence inspires young people who forget this.

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