the first smartphone with folding screens in the market


Route route innovation it seemed to be running out of the cell phone as the market approached saturation and innovation is crucial for survival technology world.

The next great invention that the great ones have suggested are folding screens and the maker was, above all, showing the world the first folding mobile phone in the product that has put far more suspicions than judgments.

Royole Corporation will China and presents FlexiPai, a smartphone whose breakthrough feature is a folding touchscreen, although the videos that are displayed do not appear to attract the masses on the market because it looks like a confusing interface where screen change does not look good. .

It should be noted that the product shown in the video is still a prototype and that commercial version can improve what has been shown so far, albeit not much, since commercial start-up is expected by early December.

Challenge problems

In competition to develop a solid commercial version of a clever mobile device are two tough: Samsung and Huawei, and everything seems to indicate that his first product is being announced immediately.

But … Why Foldable Mobile? The advantages are obvious: the hardware takes much less space when transporting, but when used, it provides a much larger screen surface; On the other hand, the dual display opened up a universe that would allow developers to release their creativity in applications and games.

And yet the challenge is still huge, and good proof of this is that Samsung, like Samsung, will have at least since 2014.
Rumors show that a Korean manufacturer could announce the expected Galaxy F (name of the above smartphone) Mobile World Congress in the beginning of next year.

Apparently, the Koreans would do a lot of work google adjust the interface Android to this new experience.

about apple, in the case of bending protectors, the rumors show that the company had parked the flexible display until the technology allows the natural integration of the product and a solid user experience.

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